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Nuts and Scrap Windows Game

We are in 2169, the whole world is computerized and most jobs are filled by computer machines. Birthrate has fallen worryingly due to accumulate pollution in the earth. There are hardly safe places for humans. Little by little, people have left their cities and have gone off to New Jam York to live, a big city cut off pollution, a fortress for the few thousands of humans who remain in the world.

City was built by the professor Setag, a great scientist who, at the end of the 20th century, was already an expert in the computer market. Setag had a secret plan, to create a world entirely dominate by machines.

Years went by and the professor Setag added mechanical implant to his body to turn into a no-feelings robot.

Setag no longer mind humans who he protected before in his city, and now, he has decided that is time his machines left being slaves to humans to these became slaves to machines.

During years, the professor put a virus into all electronic artefacts which he made. Few weeks ago, the virus started working for machines to capture all humans who lived in the city and the few outsiders, too.

The only hope for the world is Nuts and Scrap, robots of kitchen created in a small independent factory and that has not been infected by the virus. Robots simply will have their abilities and the aid of the main computer of the factory to be able to defeat to Setag and this way to release to the humans. Operating system : Windows 98, ME, XP and Vista. Processor 450Mhz. 128Mb of RAM memory. 40 Mb or hard disk. Sound card.

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Nuts and Scrap Linux Game

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Operating system: Linux Kernel 2.6 with at least the following libraries installed: glibc 2.4 or over SDL 1.2 or over SDL_mixer 1.2 or over zlib 1.0 or over

(The game has been compiled on an Ubuntu Edgy Eft (6.10) distro, and has been tested to work on a fresh installation of Ubuntu Edgy Eft (6.10), Fedora Core 6 (Zod), Novell SuSE Linux 10.1 Remastered y Novell OpenSuSE 10.2. It should configure menu entries on both Gnome and KDE desktops. If it is working on other distros/configurations for you, please let us now at the e-mail address shown below. The installer is an Autopackage, so an active Internet connection may be needed during the installation process.

Minimum hardware requirements are: A 32 bit Intel compatible processor with MMX functions. 128MiB of RAM memory. 30 MiB or hard disk. A OSS/ALSA supported sound card.


Nuts and bolts game for Zea OS

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Operating system: Zeta 1.21 or over.

(In unsupported systems, you may get "Nuts & Scrap" to run by installing LibPak 1.5 from BeBits.com. Running "Nuts & Scrap" in versions of the Zeta OS or BeOS previous to Zeta 1.21 is entirely unsupported).

In a fresh Zeta OS 1.21 system, you may experience a program crash when you start the installer. Solving this just requires installing a recent build of MakeMe if so it is available to you.

A 450Mhz processor. 128Mb of RAM memory. 40 Mb or hard disk. Supported sound card.

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