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As pop-culture fixtures go, Batman is pretty popular. Also popular: Bat Boy. The Weekly World News Bat Boy Bobble Head is one of the few figures made on the supermarket tabloid cover story, coming to life with his freakish eyes and screaming face. Get him today. before he makes another daring escape! Bat Boy: Star of the Weekly World News Price: $12.99

.Bring Home the Force, Luke. If you've never managed to get your hands on a Hasbro FX Lightsaber, you're missing out on a fantastic item. The life-size Star Wars Luke Skywalker ROTJ Force FX Lightsaber Replica is, to date, as close to a real lightsaber as you're likely to be able to buy. Based on the very same version Luke used to fight Darth Vader and to combat Jabba the Hutt's goons on his sail barge, this nifty replica has a light-up green blade and a display stand. Flick it on and it lights up while humming. When you swing it around, its motion sensors will make the appropriate noise. Can you have more fun with a lightsaber? We submit that you cannot. Bring Home the Force, Luke

The Empire Strikes Back Against Full-Price Shirts

It's hot-- this much is hard to deny. How do you cool off. or irritate your spouse? Why, with a Super Soaker Soaker Wars Bottle Blitz Water Blaster! Just fill up and douse your friends and significant other with whatever water you have around. For added fun, use refrigerated H20 for ice-cold combat! Get Ready for a Water Fight

Limited to just 2,500 pieces, this awesome Star Wars Death Trooper Stormtrooper Mini Bust comes with all sorts of neat stuff! For example, parts of him are decaying and can be removed. He also has a paperback edition of the novel Death Troopers, which is where these creepy characters come from. Due just after the spooky season this year, we suggest you order yours now so you don't miss out! The Shambling Undead Trooper Price: $74.99

There Is a Gremlin on the Plane... in Color! You've no doubt seen the classic episode of The Twilight Zone featuring William Shatner being terrorized by a freakish gremlin creature on the wing of his airplane. But have you seen it in color? Bif Bang Pow! brings you the next best thing with the Color SDCC Exclusive Twilight Zone Gremlin Bobble Head! This nifty green creature is sculpted on an airplane wing base that recalls the famous setting of the episode, and it's a super-limited edition. Don't let this one pass you by!

If you're looking for something different in your Star Wars collection, the Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups Stormtrooper Bobble Head is it! With cracked armor and a ghoulish zombie-like pose, this swell plastic figure is packaged in a creepy box that recalls both the current Star Wars graphic style along with a coffin. Be sure to get one for Halloween. or any time, really! Monster Stormtrooper Is Dying to See You Price: $12.99

The Wolfman Is Such a Square Or rectangle, at least! The slick Universal Monsters Wolfman Minimates Box Set is a great batch of figures from a classic movie franchise. Complete with hairy paws and clawed feet, both Wolfman figures look like they're ready to tear up the night-- and their co-stars! (With the Minimates figure construction, you actually can rip a head off your other figures!) If you like this collection, be sure to check out the Creature from the Black Lagoon Minimates, too! Price: $15.99

Kirk vs. Spock's Libido
On the original Star Trek series, Kirk is considered to be something of a ladies' man. Of course, that doesn't mean that Spock won't go all out to win the woman waiting for him at home, and in the Star Trek Amok Time Kirk and Spock Action Figures, you can relive that bloody battle! While on Vulcan, Spock had to fight Kirk to prove the science officer's love for T'Pring. (Stay with us here.) During the battle, Kirk had to fake his own death so Spock wouldn't have to deliver a death blow to his best friend and captain. And you thought human mating rituals were complicated!

Snoopy Just Got Bigger, Charlie Brown!
From the collectible German plush manufacturer Steiff, this impressive Peanuts Snoopy 31-Inch Limited Edition Plush is an item you just can't ignore. The world's favorite cartoon beagle is ready to stand proud in your home, office, or shop and greet the world with a big smile and a hug. Only 500 of this plucky pooch will be produced, so don't delay. Your orders truely help this site!

In this special report, we tell you pretty much everything we know about the DC Universe Infinite Heroes line. This roughly 4-inch line is sized similarly to Star Wars and G.I. Joe, and covers tons of characters. Listen in to find out when the first figures are coming, and what you can expect from the first trio of waves. Entertainment Earth Podcast Special Report: DC UniverseDownload it now

Optimus vs. Megatron: Rematch 2008
For over 20 years, the Autobots and Decepticons have waged their battle against one another to prove that they're both really strong groups and they're never going to give up fighting! While these cybernetic beings may not have the best manners, you can celebrate their intergalactic robot gang war with the spiffy Optimus vs. Megatron: Rematch 2008 Transformers Animated DVD Battle Pack Figures This set includes Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, as well as an exclusive version of Decepticon boss Megatron! What's more, you can watch their fight on TV with the enclosed DVD. It's a whole bunch of fun in a box!

Bizzle Thizzle Action Fizzle (or, Get Snoop)
Is there anybody in music, TV, and the movies more beloved than Snoop Dogg? We don't think so. That's why we're especially pleased to have the Bizzle Thizzle Action Fizzle (or, Get Snoop). 12-inch Snoop Dogg Figure Set ! This 1:6 scale replica of everybody's favorite customer of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles comes complete with an authentic cloth outfit, amazingly sculpted hair, and the kind of packaging you just can't ignore. He's this generation's Elvis-- more or less, so bring him home today!

Join the Space Navy!
Join the Empire! Travel to lush, exciting worlds-- and destroy them! While you may never get the chance to hop into a TIE Fighter and annihilate another planet, you can have a Join the Space Navy!, Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot Mini Bust on your desk to remind you of the job you'd rather be doing. Measuring 6 3/4-inches tall, this amazing replica was sculpted after Lucasfilm's own props and will bring you the most authentic recreation of this awesome aviator that you could hope to own!

So Real, Picard Would Be Proud
Space may be the final frontier, but there's so much of it that people will be exploring it forever. While telescopes are one approach to seeing what's out there, it's a lot more fun to explore new planets by actually going to them. A good way to get around the galaxy is with the So Real, Picard Would Be Proud, Star Trek The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise D Vehicle. While this replica can't actually take you to Q'onoS, it can bring the magic of one of the most popular sci-fi series of all time to your home or office. It's pretty cool, and it's a fairly decent size, too!

Indy Can't Drive 55
he's being dragged behind a truck at the moment. The Indiana Jones Vehicles Wave 1 is loaded with action features, and these vehicles are packed with the kind of fun you've been craving. Aside from free-rolling wheels and seating for your action figures, Hasbro engineered all sorts of breakaway pieces and firing weapons, plus break-through barriers for added playtime fun. (We promise we won't tell anyone about the engine noises you're sure to make while driving these around your floor.) If you're looking for some good times with plastic, we suggest pre-ordering the Indy Can't Drive 55, Indiana Jones Vehicles Wave 1 early. You'll be having the time of your life before the new Indiana Jones movie hits theaters!


Build Your Star Wars LEGO Army
In Star Wars, the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Stormtroopers don't get along too well. Because we love a good fight, we put the two groups against one another in the LEGO Star Wars Dropship and Rebel Scout Speeder Set ! When you pick up this assortment, you'll receive 2 nifty vehicles inspired by the Star Wars galaxy, and each one includes 4 awesome figures! Trooper fans, your ship has come in with the Build Your Star Wars LEGO Army, LEGO Star Wars Dropship and Rebel Scout Speeder Set!

PODCAST AVAILABLE NOW! Transformers invade Ohio and Canada! New Movies! New Gentle Giant! This week was a big one, lots of new products were announced and we have what may be the first solid news on a new video game. And it is Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, if you can believe it. We look at all of this and much more. Download it now Entertainment Earth Podcast: April 18, 2008 Edition!

Joe's Back... and He's Big!
Just like old times! The Joe's Back... and He's Big!. G.I. Joe 12-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 brings you large 12-inch action figures complete with accessories, just the way you like them. Enjoy Bazooka, Dusty, Flint, and a Cobra trooper in this spiffy case of 6 big brawlers.


The Clone Wars Return!
With the upcoming theatrical release of The Clone Wars this August, we're all very excited about the latest adventures. While a lot of items won't be available for a while, pre-orders are open today for such new releases as the The Clone Wars Return!. Star Wars The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Bobble Head. Based on a character created especially for the show, this 6-inch plastic wobbler features a personalized display base and a likeness taken straight from the film. We'd tell you more about her if we could, but we haven't seen the movie yet. Pre-order this imminent Jedi apprentice today!


Use the force Luke


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A Smurfing Great Gift

If you're a smurf who's looking for a great gift for a special smurf in your smurf, smurf no smurfier than the A Smurfing Great Gift. Smurfs 12-Inch Plush. It's so smurfy, your fellow smurfs will just smurf themselves!


Adventure Is His Middle Name!
If adventure had a face, it would be the same as the Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark . Adventure Is His Middle Name! Combining classic Mr. Potato Head pieces with awesome electronic sound technology, this incredible toy has removable costume pieces and also plays the Indiana Jones theme by John Williams. Add this awesome toy to your kitchen or home theater today!

Fresh-Boxed Jedi Training
It isn't easy to become a Jedi. You have to crash in a swamp, deal with the riddles of a weird little green guy, and talk to ghosts. Surely, this would crush a lot of would-be applicants, but a few people have what it takes for Jedi Knighthood. If you're one of them, you can get a pretty decent plastic replica of the experience with this Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah Battle Pack. Fresh-Boxed Jedi Training. In it, you'll get a plastic quintet of heroes and villain, as well as a highly detailed cardboard background that recreates the swampy planet of Dagobah. With figures of Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and a Force echo of Darth Vader, it's just like being trained in the Jedi arts at home. Except, of course, you don't have any magical powers and you don't really learn anything. They're great action figures, though, and are well worth adding to your collection. We consider the Yoda in this set to be one of Hasbro's finest over the past few decades.



Crisis! Let's the Motorcycle! GO!You don't have to be a fan of Japanese animation to appreciate the stunning Crisis! Let's the Motorcycle! GO! Bubblegum Crisis Motoslave with Sylia Figure ! This metallic blue figure is not only nicely articulated, but she comes with her very own transformable Motoslave vehicle. With lots of weapons and cool parts, this duo is here to bring you big action (after a brief stop in Japan-- they're imported, after all). Get your pre-orders in today as this item is presently scheduled for a September landing!





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