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animal meanings dove
Animal Meaning Dove
Animal Meaning Spirit And Totem at a2000greetings

Animal Meaning Spirit And Totem

We are all connected with the divine energy of all living things. Am animal that people dream about or are drawn to may be a spirit guide. Native americans believe animal, people and plants can be a guardian spirit. guide. People who have a connections with the power of an animal or with the spirit of certain animals. Or who have encounters with them, may tell a lot about that person, the family or a clan. We have mor word totem, animal, native american and spirit pages on this website. Look to our sitemap below on all pages.




Digesting before making rash moves
Avoiding the human judgement game
Learn to laugh in the face of conflict

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Searching and working for greater good
Trust and patience
Honoring the will of Great Spirit

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Knowledgeable and proper action
Taking quick and decisive action
Strength of mind and heart

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Setting boundaries and defining space
Learning to say “no”
Being objective

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Self reliance and practical pursuits
Get angry in a creative way
Don’t give up

bead line


New truths and perceptions
Rebirth and growth
Letting go of old habits

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Heeding inner voice and inner rhythms
Introspection to seek answers
Pathway to the Dream Lodge

bead line


Working for our dreams
Putting your ideas into action
Settle differences with others

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Fertility and spiritual choice
Aids with communication
Setting priorities and enjoying life

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Necessary decisions for goals
Weather messengers
Not taking everything at face value

bead line

Black Panther

Embracing the unknown
Confronting fears
Teachings through Dream Lodge

bead line

Blue Heron

Assertive authority and counsel
Diving into feelings to seek truth
Trusting in your path

bead line

Blue Jay

Proper choice and use of power
Forgetting to honor those around you
Too much importance on the material

bead line


New prosperity and abundance
Praying on behalf of others
Being humble and grateful

bead line


New love, joy and health
Bringing clarity to mental processes
Ready for transformation

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Cat (Domestic)

Provider of healing
Children's Ally

bead line


Good luck and new birth
Taking the gentle and quiet approach
A surprise gift

bead line


News of changing environment
Seeing things more clearly
Being more alert to new opportunities

bead line


Seeing the inner truth
Time to go within for your answers
Preparing yourself inwardly

bead line


Happiness from the past resurfacing
Invisible attraction to the opposite sex
Past Life experiences

bead line


You are comfortable with yourself
Share your joy with others
Build someone else's esteem

bead line


Swift, sudden decisions and actions
Hidden wisdom
Awakening to self and energy

bead line


Coming into our own power
Leadership both of self and others
Standing on your convictions

bead line


Wisdom and Folly
Learning to laugh at your situations
Seeing the positive in the negative

bead line


Sensitive intuition and power of belief
Happiness in just being
Leaping over difficult situations

bead line


Primal strength and creation
Past Lives
Forming alliances with people and allies

bead line


Unexpected magic and energy
An omen of change
A higher order of right and wrong

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Daddy Longlegs

Weaving deeper relationship with loved one
Success by working with others
Increased awareness

bead line


Lure to new studies and pursuits
Healing wounds with gentleness
Changing self and not others

bead line


Service to others
Loyalty to others
Reclaiming the power of loyalty

bead line


Creativity, fertility, new promise
Bringing answers to questions
Breaking barriers

bead line


Moving between cycles and worlds
Coming out from a difficult period
New harmony and peace of mind

bead line


Trusting in the power of light
Breaking down your illusions
Heralds messages of wisdom and change


More: Dragons Dragon Fun The Dragon Fly

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bald eagle majestic
Eagle Totem
Vision, power and healing
Gather your courage
Spiritual testing
Bald Eagle Americas National Emblem

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Working over old ground
Moving through intimidation

bead line


Ancient powers of justice at work
Nurting and primal mother instincts
Pondering longer before making decisions

bead line


Increase your stamina
Seek the company of your own gender
Warrior/Warrioress energy

bead line


Spiritual inspiration and hope
Courage and balance through recycling

bead line

fox pixie
The Fox Totem can bring extraordinary dream teachings and great creativity. Blessings and magic are strong. The fox is quick and uses its ability of mental and physical response. The invisibility and camoflauge shows it uses its best qualities to solve problems. It can bring confidence at it teaches when to stand up and be counted and when to sit back and observe.
Fox Totem

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Fertility and new beginnings
Cleansing negativity from your life
Connection to the Thunder Beings

bead line


Do what we must in struggles
Persistance in resolving problems
Using inventiveness to overcome obstacles

bead line

Gila Monster

Maintain control and beliefs
Sustainment in new endeavours
Reserved from pushing forward at this time

bead line


Heed the call of the quest
Looking closely at relationships
Preparation for the end of something

bead line


Strength, nobility and generosity
Confirmation that your endeavours are steady
Appearance of a man who brings aid

bead line


Time to free emotions and anxieties
Visions blocked due to worry
Watch for health related problems from stress

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Leaps of happiness and faith
Being bold and moving with pride
Trusting in your intuition

bead line

Green Anole

Harmony and peace
New foundations in business
Ability to move into unseen areas

bead line


Moving through the realms
An invitation to the spiral dance
Harmonizing with Mother Earth’s cycles

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The hawk is a birds of prey, it's guardianship in ventures is intriguing and mystical. Beware and be aware and grab oppotunities whenever posible. As a messenger of totem hawks you can fly to great heights. MESSAGES
Hawk Totem
Guardianship in Ventures
Fly to great Heights
Beware and be Aware using Clear-sightdness
Observe Grabbing opportunities
Visions and dreams

bead line


Movement and balance
Striving for a balanced medicine shield
Sharing your giftings with others

bead line


Joys, dreams , accomplishments
Drop your judgmental attitude and relax
Fragile medicine so be careful

bead line


Reclaiming power and fruits of labor
Integrity and Impeccability
Misuse of authority

bead line

Komodo Dragon

Strong survival instincts and impulses
Using fearlessness
Remembering your shadow side

bead line


Wish fulfilled
Releasing worry
Messenger of promise

bead line


Strength of will from the inner sun
Need for co-operation and patience
Using gentle love

bead line


The shadow side of reality
The medicine of dreamers
Facing your fears

bead line


Answers and hope in dreams
Pay attention to your dreams
Anything lost is no longer healthy for you

bead line


Hidden knowledge and creativity
Discovering the hidden through clairvoyance
Listening to your higher self

bead line


Proper use of secret knowledge
Being quiet and listening
Provides guidance and good cheer

bead line


Home, birth, and primal mother
Feeling harmonious with self
Sharing and outpouring to others

bead line


Examining life’s lessons
Scrutinize carefully
See the larger picture in your life

bead line


Using strategy
Relying on your instincts
Expecting the unexpected

bead line


Creativity and skill
Time to stop worrying
Balanced female-receptive energy

bead line


Silent wisdom, vision and guidance
The ability to see beneath deception
Using your intuition to see the truth

bead line

Painted Turtle

Faith and efforts rewarded
Good news coming
Healing will take place

bead line


New cycle of death and resurrection
Wisdom and new vision
New joy and confidence

bead line


Balancing work and play
Don’t get caught up in chaos
Needing to have trust and faith

bead line

Prairie Dog

Energy levels are low
Time to take a break and seek the silence
Learning not to push but go with the flow

bead line

Praying Mantis

Insight and protection through stillness
Inner reflection needed
Redirecting the bodies energies

bead line


Proper use of cycles and rhythms
Lessons through calling up your fears
Learning to use positive affirmations

bead line


Defending others
Honoring self and others equally
Developing protector and provider skills

bead line

Rat Snake

Acceleration and movement
Being misunderstood
Using opportunity when faced with the ordinary

bead line


Light in the dark; shape shifting
Changes in consciousness
Messenger of ceremonial magic

bead line

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Healing of the heart and old wounds
Family restoration
Use of music and sound therapies to aid in healing

bead line


Unique inspiration and assistance
Being more aware of your environment
Living in the now

bead line


Trust your gut feelings
Going back and retracing your path
Proper use of inner knowing

bead line

Scarlet Macaw

Sharp vision and spiritual perception
Trusting in your visions
Beginning of long periods of creativity

bead line

Sea Turtle

Persevere to achieve
Survival skills and strategies
Planning and adaptability

bead line

Silk Moth

Fertility, success and fulfilment
Seeing the beauty in all things
Self transformation

bead line


Assertion without ego
Sexual energies
Handling energy flows

bead line


Shedding the old
Transmuting thoughts

bead line


Opportunity and trust
Hope, fulfilment and learning
Getting on with life by finding the simplest way

bead line


Intuition and weaving of fate
Releasing yourself from entanglement
Seeking new alternatives

bead line


Preparing for the future
Lightening your load
Finding your safe place from fears

bead line

Stick Bug

Activity beneath the surface
Having many choices
Being patient

bead line


New dreams and new realms
Surrendering to the Dream Time
Ushers in altered states of consciousness

bead line


Inner strength and resources
Strength of character

bead line


Unseen movement through pressures
The call to keep continuing and keep going
Slow down and focus on the essentials

bead line


Giftings from Great Spirit
Learning to give to others
Performing the “give-away”

bead line


New opportunities
Learn to ground
Connecting with the Earth Mother

bead line


Life, death and rebirth; new vision
Resolution of problems
Discernment and patience

bead line


Danger of holding resentments
Intellect through thought and reason

bead line


Keen powers of observation
Discovering the hidden reasons
Using your secret gifts for the good of all

bead line


New depths of creativity
Tapping into your intuition
Seeing your overall destiny

bead line

White Crane

Longevity, honor and spiritual justice
Focused concentration
Missed opportunities

bead line

Wild Boar

Confronting those things you avoid
Seeking your courage
Reclaiming your power

bead line


Intuitive guidance and guardianship
Sharing your medicine with others
Discovering the teacher within


Totem wolf interesting facts: In some culters the she-wolf is considered the foremother. And the ancient Turks also believed this. The Uzbeks and the Huns derived their origin from the wolf. Also with the Tlingit Indian tribe, the Iroquois, the Turkmens and the Mongols. the wolf appears as a totem.


More: Wolves In Native American Folklore & The Wolves Legend of Two Wolves
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Unique new rhythms of success
Banging your head against a wall
Spending too much time in the mental

bead line


You share straight line thoughts
And you continue to move ahead at all costs
Stand strong.


These spirit animals or totem meanings are more meaningful then ever. As the characteristic attribute of spirit power. The totem animal is an inherent symbolism for a divine guide.
AS A spirit guide they may represent a characteristic an or ability. Something you have or want to work towards. Or it may be a messenger and it make take you while to realize what theat is. But it is sure to come to you. Your Animal Spirit Meaning By: Shaman Sapience
animal meanings dove
Birth Totems
The power of the animal spirit was expressed in the names of clans, dances, stories, and almost every aspect of life. Each of us is given spirit gifts (totems) at birth to help us discover our path on the "Good Red Road." You can define your path and serve yourself and others while enjoying the trip, for the journey is more important than the destination. All members of creation, animals, plants and minerals - have unique characteristics, energies and lessons giving you direction. Your path consists of the gifts of those with whom you share the Earth combined with your choices and spiritual energies.


We will be adding more ontotem animal that acts and group of people such as life acting as guides>


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