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A websites standing in comparison to other websites. It is the online popularity of a website. Such as search engine placement and page ranking. Getting results with search engines increases your website traffic and your ranking.


How To Increase The Ranking Of Your Page

By: Darren Dunner


Increasing the page rank of your web site has a lot of advantages. But doing so is a tough job and the competition you are dealing with is extremely huge and growing by the hour. However, there are ways and means to
increase page ranks
and help is at hand with a vast number of resources that you can use to increase the ranking of your page. All search engines keep updating their search rankings regularly. There are a number of things that a search engine considers when deciding on the rankings of your page. So the best thing you can do is to fortify the components that these search engines consider and keep improving on them. Some tips that will help you increase your search engine page ranking are as follows:

The first step you should take to increase page rank is to submit to search engine directories. You can do this for free on most search engines and thus increase your web presence by being listed on a number of search engines. You also get to create a free link when you do so and increase your chances of getting higher rankings as a result.


Create as many back links as possible. This is the main criteria that Google uses for ranking web pages. The larger the number of back links that you have, the higher your page ranking goes. You can create a number of links by joining forums and giving a link to your web site along with your signature. You get higher rankings if your links are on web sites that are relevant to your own web page. You can get a higher distribution of links by writing and posting articles on other web sites. Articles generally generate a lot of traffic too, thus increasing the value of your link. Starting ezines is also a great method of increasing page rankings by increasing the number of links to your website.

There are a number of resources that will help you know about the kind of keywords that search engines look for. Keep altering the phrases and the language of your web site in order to incorporate these words. Try to put in a good percentage of key words and key phrases when making up content for your web site in order to increase page rank.


Improve the quality of your web site. Search engines rate sites based on their relevance to a particular subject. Make sure that your web site gets regularly updated with new things. Keep it current and try to become a leader in your particular area. Turn your web site into a key resource and you will automatically generate more traffic and better page ranks. This is the long road to increasing page rank, but it makes sure that you get there in the end.

Darren Dunner is the author of this article on Increase page rank.

By: Darren Dunner



To me increasing your ranking also means increasing your traffic. You can start with checking your sites ranking with the help tool below. This will show you what it is now and later as you proceed. As you watch this you will see how much better you do by following these ideas.


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