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Casino Poker Review
Gambling Poker Review
Casino Poker Review at a2000greetings


Virtual City Poker
Virtual City Casino


Virtual City Poker is another operator of the Prima Poker Network and has been since March 2003. The benefit of playing on the network is the continual strong flow of players, a result of many poker sites all feeding through to one big room. Because of the size of Prima, they also spread a good variety of games from very low limit (easy pickings!) to high stakes pot limit and no limit (great if you& have got the bankroll or good to just watch).

Graphics / Software

Call me old fashioned, but there is much that you can do to convince me that I'm anywhere but sat in front of my computer looking at cards on screen. (I've tried True poker, but it's just too slow.) The graphics are clear here and your hole cards are easy to see. When the flop comes, the cards are always visible, and they even have an indicator that shows who has acted and what they did.. I did have a few issues with the software when they first introduced the Multi Table Tournament, as it always seemed to freeze and was really slow, but I think after constant calls from thousands of players, they have ironed out these glitches.

Deposits / Bonus

The reason that I chose this site was due to the fact that there are so quite a few different sites that operate for the prima network, but Virtual city is one of the few that has the backing of a large casino group. When putting down my hard earned dollars, I feel that security of information and credit details are a huge part of where I play, and knowing that Virtual City comes under the highly professional banner of CasinoRewards and is therefore heavily monitored, I am safe in the knowledge that all is secure, and when it comes to cash out it comes safely and without hassle. The bonus was the first thing that attracted me to virtual City Poker, as I did not want to have to put up $100 that some of the other sites have as a minimum deposit. $30 for $30 is good for me. As well as this Virtual City Poker offer a daily prize of $250 for the highest hand and a bad beat jackpot of a minimum $500.

Customer / Support / Security

Customer support is important to me as things in the online world inevitably go wrong. The Poker room shares the same support as the casinos attached to it, so there is always someone on the phone 24/7, and even though for big technical issues, the support has to contact the Prima network (why the player can't contact Prima Poker direct, I don't know) you usually have any questions resolved within a 24 hour time frame. Most quick questions I had about my account or withdrawal were answered right there on the spot.


This site has 5 Card Stud!! Not many online poker rooms cover this game anymore, but as an old school player, it's great to find a site that not only has it, but also has a whole bunch of players ready and willing to play. Virtual city has all the big games such as Holdem, Omaha and as mentioned above 5 Card and 7 Card Stud. It also has a whole spread of games with heads up action, so if you can find a willing partner, you can sit at a private table and go back and forth.


I'm a middle limit player so Virtual City Poker is right up my alley, but they do have all limits, from very low 25c/50c all the way up to pot limit 50/100. A lot of people I come across say that they like the micro limit (2c/4c) games offered at other poker sites, but I find that no one is willing to lay down a hand at that level, so I'd rather stick to playing for fun than playing for such small limits.


If you had asked me about Tournaments at Virtual City a couple of months ago, I would have told you that the site was all about the ring games, but low and behold, they introduce a multi-table tournament platform. The site has gone up and up since this, with player traffic shooting through the roof. They offer daily freerolls starting at $200 and going up to $3000 (Although you must have played in at least 50 raked hands to qualify for this one). They also run a couple of daily satellites that feed a big end of month tournament, where the prize is usually flights and entry fee into a major land based tourney (yes, we're talking the World Series of Poker or many of the WPT). Not bad on the back on a $15 buy in. In summary because of the tournament spread at Virtual City Poker, the ring games are getting better by the minute and the money is flowing right into my pocket.


3 Card Poker
There are different variants of the game of Poker. Bookmark us we are in the process of adding more articles on the different kinds of poker. The next article will be on 3 card Poker. The game has become incredibly popular since it came into being. Watch for the next great casino poker information here! Look for these dice for more of our casino pages.
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Gambling Poker Review


Draw poker and five card stud were once the most common forms of poker. Although they are now virtually extinct at the poker table, five card draw poker is enjoying a resurgence in the form of a variety of video games.

Nevada casinos average about 60% of their hold from slot machines, and in some casinos up to two-thirds of those machines are now video poker. It's not uncommon for a large casino to have more than one thousand video poker machines.
Video poker is unique in being one of very few games that were developed for casino use before being played privately. As in live draw poker, you are initially dealt five cards from a randomly shuffled deck. Most machines beep and indicate if you have a made paying hand, but you do not have to hold that hand. You select which cards to hold, then press the Draw button, and new cards are dealt off the top of the deck to replace the discards. If the final hand is in the payoff schedule, the machine makes the payoff, either by counting up credits or dropping coins; otherwise, your bet is lost.
The main attraction of video poker to the neophyte is that the player's wits are pitted against the machine in fast action with a chance at a big jackpot. To the skilled player, however, the attraction is that some games offer an opportunity for a long term profit. Just as in a live poker game, there is a considerable amount of risk and luck involved in the short term, but it is a player's skill that will make the difference between a winner and a loser in the long run.
You may already know that some video poker games offer over 100% potential long term payback, but you will achieve a game's rated payback only if you always hold the cards that will give the highest expected value (the average payback for all possible outcomes) for each hand you are dealt. That is why I call video poker "The Intelligent Player's Slot Machine."

Video poker vs. slot machines
A video poker machine resembles the traditional slot machine in several ways, being housed in a similar metal cabinet with similar locks; most have a coin slot to accept your bet and a coin hopper that pays out your winnings; and it makes various sounds to attract players. Many have a slot club card reader and/or a bill acceptor.
The most obvious difference is that on a reel slot the player wins when the symbols stop with a particular combination, such as three bars, while a video poker player wins when the final five cards form a recognizable poker hand, such as a straight. The most important difference, however, is that the video poker player has an opportunity to select which cards to hold and then draw in an attempt to improve the hand. A certain degree of skill is required in this selection process to achieve the game's rated payback.
In either case, all of the winning combinations with their respective payoffs are shown on the front of the machine or on the screen, and the machine automatically pays out the indicated number of coins or counts up that number of credits when one of those combinations occurs.
What most players don't know (or at least won't consciously admit to themselves) is that, unlike older machines which were randomized mechanically and the result undetermined until the reels actually stopped, the reels on all modern machines are spun by independent motors to display an outcome that has already been determined by a random number generator.
Many casinos advertise 97% or better payback on reel slots, but this often applies only to certain $1 machines. Care to guess what the payback is on the others? Without knowing the machine's internal logic it's impossible to calculate, but if 97% payback is considered generous then what do the others pay? Nevada gaming regulations specify only that a machine must pay back at least 75% of all money wagered (see Appendix 4). In New Jersey the minimum is 83%. Many other jurisdictions do not specify a minimum payback. Worse, many new gambling areas specify a maximum payback under 100%. They typically say that it's to prevent skimming (e.g., by setting a machine to pay well over 100% for a crony), but more likely to assure a flow of tax dollars. Just who is it that our government is protecting?
Compare the very best reel machine's maximum of perhaps 99% payback to a minimum of 99% payback with optimum strategy any of the recommended video poker games. But that's just the beginning. On many poker machines you really can achieve over 100% long term payback.
But don't get the idea that careful selection of games and accurate play are only for long term players. Sure, it's possible to be a winner on a low paying game. A small percentage of players win big every day at craps, roulette and slot machines. The casinos publicize this to attract more losers. While it's true that luck predominates in any short playing session, it's skill that makes the difference between a winner and a loser in the long run. That same skill also increases your chances of being a winner in each playing session, no matter how much or how little you play.

Video poker vs. live table poker
As in live table poker, the cards are dealt from a standard 52 card deck (53 in Joker Wild games) that is well shuffled before each hand. After being dealt your initial five cards, you must decide which cards to hold and which to discard in an attempt to effect a winning poker hand (or to improve an existing winner) just as you would do in a live draw poker game. But there the similarity ends.
So just how is video poker different? Consider the following:
o In video poker the house is banking the game, yet the machine is not trying to beat your hand. It's more a game of solitaire. Attempting to bluff or to "read" your opponent is pointless since there are no opponents.
o You can't get a "bad beat" in video poker. Your straight can't lose to that flush on another player's machine. It will always win according to the payoff schedule.
o Some plays that may sometimes be correct in table poker become costly mistakes in video poker. One of the most common errors is holding a "kicker" or other worthless cards.
o Conversely, many plays that are correct in video poker would be wrong in live table poker. In some cases, for example, it's correct to draw to an inside straight.
It is primarily these characteristics that lure most players into making bad plays, thus making video poker a big winner for the casino, even on games that offer over 100% potential payback. In this section, however, you will learn just how easy it is to keep the house edge to a minimum, and in some cases to even enjoy the prospects of being a long-term winner.

Full pay vs. short pay machines
Only a small percentage of the wide variety of games can be beat in the long run, so you must first learn how to recognize those games. I frequently see someone playing a short-pay machine when the one next to it is the same basic type but full-pay, yet it sits idle. All that is necessary is to know the full pay schedules for the games you like, and play only those games. We will be discussing various ways that the payoff schedules are shorted in the specific game sections which follow.
Although games offering over 100% payback may be rare outside southern Nevada, an accurate playing strategy is important wherever you play. Even if you choose to play where high paying games are not available, following an optimum strategy will minimize your losses and give you the best chance of having a winning session. Don't be taken in by some books' claims of teaching you how to beat the slots or any other negative expectation game. Each game has an inherent maximum payback that can be closely approached but never exceeded.

What is Expected Value?
To put it in as simple terms as possible, the expected value (commonly abbreviated EV) of any chance event is the weighted average of all possible outcomes. Let's see how to determine the EV of a video poker play.
There are thirty-two possible ways to play any dealt five-card hand. You can hold all five cards (that's one way), hold four cards and draw one (obviously there are five possible one-card discards), hold two cards and draw three (there are ten possible combinations for a two-card discard), hold three cards and draw two (again ten possibilities), hold one card and draw four (there are five ways to hold just one card), or discard all five cards. In any case, we have seen five of the 52 cards in the deck, so the draw must come from the remaining 47 unseen cards.
For each of these thirty-two ways of playing a hand there are many possible outcomes. Suppose, for example, that the card ranks in a dealt hand are J-9-10-J-Q. Of course, they could be in any order. Here you have a pair of jacks, which in some games is a made payoff, but that may not be the best way to play the hand. Is it better to hold 9-10-J-Q and draw for a straight?If the 9-10-J are all the same suit, is it better to drop the pair and go for the straight flush draw? And if the J-Q are suited, should we draw for a royal flush? I can't answer those questions yet, because the best play is often different for different games.
Note that if we draw for the straight it's also possible to catch a J or Q for a high pair, and if we go for the straight flush we could also end up with a high pair, three of a kind, a straight or a flush. And drawing three cards to the J-Q has many more possibilities. The probability of every possible outcome must be multiplied by its respective payoff, and the sum of all these possible results is the EV of the play.
There are 28 other ways to play this hand, but for most games these four give the highest expected values. The actual EV's, however, depend upon the particular game's payoff schedule, so the best way of playing the hand varies between games. To create a playing strategy, we have to examine many such card combinations and determine the highest EV plays. This allows us to build a hand rank table which can be used as a playing strategy.
Now let's look at a few popular games.

By Dan Paymar


Some of the terms used in articles and game strategies may be a little confusing because they have a special meaning as applied to video poker. Also, there is occasionally some minor disagreement on definitions between writers. If you not sure about something, the following definitions, which I use consistently, may save you the trouble of writing with a question.

Cycle: The statistically predicted average number of hands per royal flush (or other top jackpot). In other words, a "cycle" is simply the reciprocal of the probability of a royal on the next hand. Remember that the games are random, however, so don't expect to get exactly one royal flush per "cycle." The Poisson Distribution tells us that there is only a 63.2% probability of at least one royal in one cycle, but this balanced by the chances of two or more royals in one cycle.

Expected Return: The average amount of money payed back on a particular play for a particular bet. The Expected Return (ER) is the Expected Value of a play multiplied by the amount bet. Most commercially available video poker analysis programs, when analyzing a hand, give the ER of each possible play. The program may call those numbers Expected Values, but any qualified statistician will confirm that as a misnomer (see next definition).

Expected Value: The statistically projected average per-unit-bet payback of a particular play. Another way of looking at the EV is the average of all possible outcomes for a particular play or game. Most commercially available video poker analysis programs give the Expected Return (ER) of each possible play when a hand is analyzed. Assuming a five coin bet, dividing the ER by five will give the EV. A better technique, however, is to change the bet to one coin and adjust all one-coin payoffs to per-coin values so that the program will give EV directly. For more details, see my article "What is Expected Value?"

Full Pay: Usually the best payoff schedule offered for a particular game. For example, 9/6 Jacks-or-Better or 10/7 Double Bonus Poker. (Such numbers are the per-coin payoffs that are most commonly shorted on the particular game.) There are exceptions, however, such as full pay games with 4700 coin royal at several casinos, the 10/6 and 9/7 Jacks-or-Better games at the Stratosphere, and any game with a full pay schedule plus a progressive jackpot. Most strategies are initially developed for the full pay version, then often adapted for certain variations.

Optimum Play: Employing a strategy that may not be quite perfect play but instead is designed to yield the highest per hour win rate with real human play. For details, see my article, "What is Optimum Play?"

Payback: The long term expected return of a game as it is being played. Usually expressed as a percent, but sometimes expressed as the Expected Value (EV) of the game. You can expect to make money on a game only if its long term payback, including any slot club cash rebate, is over 100% (EV greater than one). For your personal evaluation of a situation, you should include the value of any additional comps or promotions.

Payoff: The number of coins or credits paid for a particular winning hand. Often expresses on a "per-coin" basis. For example, a Full House in standard full pay Jacks-or-Better with five coins bet pays 45 coins, but this is usually expressed as 9-for-1. This way, it is the same for a 4-coin, 10-coin or 100-coin machine. Note the use of "for" rather than "to" for the payoff odds; this is because the bet has already disappeared into the guts of the machine, and it is not returned. A Full House pays out a total of only nine coins for each coin bet. It would be "9-to-1" only if it also returned your bet (for a total of 10 coins paid out).

Payoff Schedule: Each slot or video poker machine's complete payoff schedule is posted on the glass front or on the screen. This is usually in the form of a table that shows the number of coins paid for each possible final hand for each possible number of coins bet. The big advantage that video poker has over reel slots, however, is that Nevada and Louisiana regulations require every unseen card to have equal probability of appearing at any time, just as if the cards were being dealt from a well-shuffled deck of real cards, thus making it possible to determine the game's maximum payback and an accurate strategy to achieve that payback.

Payout: The actual dropping of coins by a machine. Some old machines still pay out the coins immediately for every payoff, but most now accumulate credits, and the actual payout occurs only when one presses the Cash Out button. In the case of a coinless machine, it is the printing of a cash voucher. In the case of a jackpot, it is usually a hand pay.

Penalty Card: A useless card in a dealt hand which must be discarded, but whose absence from the remaining deck reduces the chances of making some of the secondary payoffs. This reduces the EV of the play even though it does not affect the probability of the primary target hand. For details, see my article, "What is a Penalty Card?"

Perfect Play: Making every play for the absolute highest Expected Value. Perfect play is easy on a trivial game such as Double Down Stud or Pick'em Poker, and not too difficult on Jacks-or-Better, but it is nearly impossible for a human to achieve on the more complex games such as Double Bonus Poker and All American Poker. That is why I have developed Optimum Play. For details, see my article, "What is a Optimum Play?"

Push: No exchange of money. In a blackjack game, when the player and dealer have the same hand, the dealer leaves the player's money in the betting square and taps the table to designate a push. In video poker, however, your bet has already disappeared into the machine's hopper, and a payoff equal to your bet is proclaimed by the machine to be a win, when actually the one-for-one payoff is only a push. Video poker was the first casino game to achieve this trick of making a push look like a win.

Rated Payback: The long term expected return of a game. Many analysts quote the value given by a game analysis program, but that assumes perfect play. For example, they rate Double Bonus Poker at 100.17%, or even round that up to 100.2%. What happens when you ASSUME something? It makes an ... well, you know. I always round down, and I make an allowance for real human play depending on the complexity of the game. My payback ratings are achievable with real human play.

Secondary Payoff: In many cases we are drawing with the hopes of making a particular big payoff, but much of the EV of the play comes from smaller payoffs when we miss the big one. For example, you might draw two cards to a Royal Flush but end up with a high pair, two pair, three-of-a-kind, a straight or a flush, all of which we would call secondary payoffs.

Zilch: Nothing. A dealt hand with no cards worth holding (i.e., you should redraw all five cards) or a final hand with no payoff.

By Dan Paymar, Special Thanks.



The poker dictionary will help you understand the complex termes in poker.


Another term for "betting," that is, to start the action is to start the betting.


A small sum of money, placed in the pot by each player. Antes are used in stud and draw, but not in Hold 'em or Omaha.

Big Blind:

A bet that must be posted by the player two seats to the left of the button. It is equal to the amount of the smaller betting limit in a game, for example, in a 10-20 game, the big blind would be $10.


Forced bets placed in the pot by the first two players in front of the dealer button, in Hold 'em and Omaha. See "small blind" and "big blind."


To bet when you hold a weak hand, hoping that the intimidation factor of your bet can win the hand.


Usually used to refer to the visible cards on the table, e.g., "looking around the board," means looking at the visible cards. In Hold 'em and Omaha, everyone shares the same board. In Stud games, each player has his own board.


In stud, a bet that must be made on the very first betting round. Usually the player showing the lowest card is forced to make a bet; in some games, the player showing the highest card is forced. The bring-in applies only on the very first betting round, though. On all further rounds, the player showing the highest hand on board has the OPTION to bet first, but need not.


A plastic disc used to represent the dealer position, in games where a professional dealer is used, and position remains constant throughout the hand (Hold 'em and Omaha).


To match a bet that has been made.


To possess the option to bet, but decline. A player cannot check once someone else has bet; at that point, the player must call, raise, or fold. But if no one has yet bet, a player can check, allowing the betting option to pass to the next player.


To check, indicating weakness, with the intention of raising after someone else bets. Check-raises are allowed in all casino poker games; in some home games, they are frowned upon.

Community cards:

Cards that are turned face up in the middle of the table, and which belong to all players still in the hand. Community cards are used in Hold 'em and Omaha.

Drawing Hand:

A hand that has the potential to become a strong hand but which without improvement is relatively worthless. The most common types of drawing hands are four card straights and four card flushes.

Fifth Street:

The fifth community card in Hold 'em or Omaha (in these games, 5th street is more often called "the river."). Also sometimes used to refer to the fifth card received in 7 card stud.


In Hold 'em or Omaha, the first three community cards, turned up all at once.


5 cards all of the same suit, for example, 3-4-8-10-K of hearts.

Flush draw:

To hold four cards of the same suit, for example, 3-4-8-10 of hearts, and thus to be hoping to catch a fifth suited card (in this case another heart) that would give you a flush.


To drop out of a hand.

Fourth Street:

The fourth community card in Hold 'em or Omaha (in these games, 4th street is more often called "the turn."). Also sometimes used to refer to the fourth card received in 7 card stud.

Full house:

Three of one card and two of another, e.g., 7-7-7-5-5.


A player's best five cards.

Heads-up play:

When a hand has been reduced to only two players.

High-Low poker:

Any poker game where the highest and lowest hands split the pot. It is possible to have a hand that wins both, for example, A-2-3-4-5 is a straight but is also (in most forms of high-low poker) also considered the lowest possible hand. In some forms of high-low, the lowest possible hand is A-2-3-4-6, and in others (although usually this is true only in low-only games), the lowest possible hand is 2-3-4-5-7 (because this hand does not contain an Ace). Make sure you know what the best low hand is before jumping in!

Hole cards:

Cards that are face down and cannot be seen by the other players.

Inside Straight draw:

Four cards that can make a straight by hitting one specific card, somewhere in the middle, such as 4-6-7-8 (where only a Five could give the player a straight). Compare this to an Open-ended straight draw, where cards on either end could complete the hand.


Two meanings. 1) A single card kept along with a pair, in draw, in an attempt to make two pair. For example, someone might keep 3-3-K, drawing two cards, in the hope that he might get either a Three (for trips) or a King (making two pair, Kings-up). 2) The highest single card held by two players in Hold 'em who each hold the same pair. For example, if the board in Hold 'em is A-10-8-5-2, and Player One holds A-J as his hand, and Player Two holds A-Q, each player has a pair of Aces, but Player Two has a better kicker and would win the hand.

Limit Poker:

The most common variety of poker, where the size of the bets are pre-determined. For example, in a "10-20" game, the bets and raises can be only $10 in the early rounds and $20 in the late rounds. Compare to No-limit poker.


To hold a drawing hand but not receive the card you needed to improve. For example, someone holding four hearts and whose final card is a spade has "missed his draw."

Narrowing the Field:

To bet or raise in the hopes that you will drive out some players whose hands are currently worse than yours, but who might improve if allowed to stay in.

No-Limit poker:

Considered the most skillful and most dangerous form of poker, where any player can bet all of his chips at any time.

Nuts, The:

The best possible hand. This phrase is almost always used in the context of a particular hand (otherwise "the nuts" would just be a term for a royal flush). For example, in Hold 'em, a player holding 8-9 would hold "the nuts" if the flop came 6-7-10. At that moment, the 6-7-8-9-10 straight is the best possible hand. However, if the Turn card were a Jack, and the River a Queen, a player holding A-K would then have the nuts-a 10-J-Q-K-A straight.


Community card poker game with significant similarities to, and equally important differences from, Texas Hold 'em. In Omaha, all players received four cards of their own (rather than two in Hold 'em), but unlike Hold 'em where the players may choose to play zero, one, or two of the cards in their hand, in Omaha a player must use two and exactly two of his cards. Thus in Hold 'em, if the community board showed 7-7-8-8-J, and a player held A-8 as his hand, that player would have a full house (using the Eight from his hand and the two pair on the board). In Omaha, with the same board, a player holding A-8-4-3 would have only 3 Eights, because he would have to use two cards from his own hand. Omaha is frequently played in a high-low version.

Open-ended straight draw:

Four consecutive cards, such as 5-6-7-8, which allows the player to complete his straight with a card on either end (in this case, a 4 or a 9 would complete the straight). Compare this with an Inside Overcards: Cards that are higher than shown on the board. For example, in Hold 'em, if the flop came 4-6-9, and your hand was K-Q, you would be said to hold two overcards; there is a good chance that someone currently holds a Four, Six, or Nine, giving them a pair, but if the Turn or River brings a King or a Queen, your paired overcard might win the hand for you.


Two cards of the same rank, e.g., two Sevens or two Kings.

Pat hand:

A hand that is complete and would not be broken up to try to improve. Straights, flushes, full houses, four of a kind, and straight flushes are all pat hands.


Extremely important, often underrated poker concept. In most forms of poker, there is a big advantage to going last. In hold 'em, the player holding the button goes last on all rounds. By being the last to act, you have much more information available to you at the time you must decide whether to check, bet, raise, or fold.


The money in the center of the table, being contested by the players still remaining in the hand.

Pot-Limit poker:

Compare to Limit poker and no-limit poker. In pot-limit, a player may bet an amount up to but not greater than the size of the pot at that particular moment.

Pot odds:

Often it is important to evaluate the size of the pot in deciding whether or not to call a bet. If there is a great deal of money in the pot, sometimes even a mediocre hand is worth calling if it has a small chance to improve to the best hand. On the contrary, if the pot is very small, even a fairly good hand may not be worth a call, because the amount one is risk, relative to the amount one stands to gain, is not enough.


To increase the size of a bet that has been made.


The amount of money the casino takes from the pot to make money from the poker game. In low limit games, the casino usually rakes some percentage of the pot, usually a maximum of 10% of the pot. In higher limit games, the casino makes money either by charging players an hourly fee to play, or by collecting a fee each time a player holds the button.


In Hold 'em or Omaha, the fifth and final community card. Also sometimes called fifth street.


A player known to be very conservative, who usually bets or raises only when he has a very powerful hand.


To act weak when you hold an extremely powerful hand, in the hopes of luring in other players. For example, if in Hold 'em your hand was the 5-6 of clubs, and the flop came 2-3-4 of clubs, you would have an unbeatable hand. But if you bet and raised aggressively right away, everyone else might fold and you would win only a small pot. By merely checking or calling, you might lure other players into thinking their hands had a better chance, and win more money from them.

Small Blind:

A bet that must be posted by the player one seat to the left of the button. It is usually equal to one half of the smaller betting limit in a game, for example, in a 10-20 game, the small blind would be $5. Occasionally, the small blind is some other fraction of the big blind. I have seen 15-30 games where the big blind is $15 and the small blind $10, and also 15-30 where the small blind is $5.

Straight: 5 consecutive cards, for example, 9-10-J-Q-K.

Straight flush:

Five consecutive cards that are also of the same suit, for example, 8-9-10-J-Q of clubs.


Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. In most forms of poker, suits are unimportant, except for decided who must begin the betting. At the end of a hand, if players hold identical cards, except that the suits are different, they are considered to hold identical hands and split the pot.


Three of a kind.


In Hold 'em or Omaha, the fourth community card. Also sometimes called fourth street.


Four of a kind.

By Andrew Glazer

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Disclaimer: We have know way of knowing if they will work for you. Some things work for others and not for us. Some work for us but not for others. You can check our Disclaimer.


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