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Author Topic: Fun at the Grocery Store  (Read 3929 times)


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Fun at the Grocery Store
« on: July 27, 2014, 01:09:42 PM »

Fun at the Grocery Store

   My wife, Alison, asked me to go to the grocery store with her. I didn't really want to, but I did, and believe me, I didn't know how much fun it could be. As we entered the produce section I saw a sign that read Cauliflower, so I yelled out, "Roses. Here roses. Come here, roses." Alison told me to shut up. That kind of upset me because I was calling a flower like the sign said to do.

  As we were wandering around the store we came across the jam and jelly section. One of them read Gooseberry, so I did, and boy was he surprised!

  In the cracker aisle I saw Club Crackers, so I pounded a box of them into submission. Alison seemed to be getting upset again so I only clubbed one box.

   In the candy section I grabbed the butter from our shopping cart and stuck Alison's finger in it. She squawked, "What the heck are you doing?" I just pointed to the Butterfinger bars and smiled.

   I was having fun, but Alison didn't seem to be enjoying herself much so I decided to give her a break when I saw the pea soup.

   As we checked out the cashier asked if we wanted the milk in a bag. I told her to just leave it in the carton because I didn't think we could get home with a bagful of milk without spilling most of it.

   Anyway, our total came to $47.55. I handed the cashier a $100,000 candy bar and told her to keep the change. She wasn't amused. I think women are far to serious in grocery stores.

   Oh well, I've got to close this little story out because my dog wants to use the computer. She's writing her auto-bow-ography.   Arf.
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