Revolution Studio

Operating System: Windows, Max O SX, & Linux.

Revolution Studio

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Revolution Studio is the innovative development platform that lets you quickly create software to get the job done. Build rich, web-enabled applications for multiple platforms with a single click. Harness the power of multi-user database systems. Manifest your goals, whatever they are, using a language that is quick to learn and easy to maintain. What's New in 2.9: All-New Linux Support Optimized for Mac OS X Leopard Major Update to Documentation Enhanced Ability to Work with Database Query Builder Extended Print Management and Printer Configuration Clipboard Overhaul Drag-and-Drop Overhaul Active Scripting Host Support under Windows Windows Remote Desktop Support New Commands: begins with, ends with, wrap, is an array, and others Increased Stability: More than 500 bug fixes relative to 2.8. Features Author on your favorite operating system - Studio is available for Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix. Create standalone applications for any platform with native appearance and behaviours Fully-featured, English-like programming language with 1596 commands and functions Extensible with code libraries and compiled externals you write yourself or obtain from third parties Ability to automate system functions and "office" applications Embedded web browsers. Powerful libraries for manipulating Internet protocols, XML, compression, encoding/decoding Your very own User Space with 10 MB free space to share your stacks online. Integrated connectivity for ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL SQLite and Valentina databases** Flexible chunk expressions, regular expressions, arrays, and sorting functions for manipulating data Complete printing and reporting facilities for professional output Ability to run as CGI process on web servers Comprehensive documentation library including 27 "Quick Start" tutorials and videos; 78 sample scripts and code snippets, 13 example stacks, 377-page User Guide and comprehensive Dictionary. All stacks and applications made with any Revolution license are royalty free. Printed User Guide and Dictionary is separate.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you have the right to cancel any purchase made from Runtime Revolution within 30 days of the order being placed, or within 30 days of receipt of the CD-ROM, manual or other merchandise (whichever is the longer). If you would like to request a refund, please email support and request that your account is closed and a refund issued. We may need to contact you to obtain further information to efficiently process your request or determine if there is a problem to be addressed. New License 90 Day Update Entitlement When you buy any new Revolution Studio, Enterprise or Media license, you will receive all new releases of the program you have purchased for the 90 days following your purchase, free of charge. After this period, you will need to purchase an update pack to receive further updates.

When you Download the Trial Edition of Revolution , you enjoy the following benefits: 30-Day evaluation period Full, unrestricted functionality Complete documentation, sample files, and templates Additionally, you will automatically receive a complimentary series of tutorial workshops to help you get started with core functions such as manipulating data, creating graphic effects, accessing internet resources, working with database systems, and more!