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Arts and entertainment music festival in New York City, iti Field in Queens, home of the New York Mets. Its called the Meadows Festival. The Meadows Festival is in its second year. Nas, LLCoolJ, Jay-Z, Weezer and other notable acts will be there for the three-day concert set to begin on Sept. 15.


Christopher Boykin, Big Black, died at the age of 45. It is suspected he died from a heart attack. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Known for Rob & Big Star Christopher Big Black Boykin and a clothing line for big people.


Entertainment with todays entertainment videos. And cinema previews, as well as music, and entertainment news. a2000greetings has a great entertainment page and always adding more with entertainment passion.

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Host: Alexander Armstrong Guests: Sara Pascoe and Andy Hamilton


Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Late Night, Gives an Update on Newborn Son’s Health. Quote. "Our son Billy is doing very well," Kimmel shared. "He's eating, he's getting bigger, he's sleeping well. He can read now, which they say is unusual for his age." on Entertainment Tonight. Yahoo news Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Late Night, Gives an Update on Newborn Son’s Health


Lil Bubs Yule Log Video Invalidates All Other Yule Log Videos Forever By Devon Maloney
Your holidays just got infinitely fuzzier


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What pianists Gary Graffman and Lang Lang say about teaching and learning relate to more than just music Talking Great Teachers And Students With Two Piano Masters


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Activision Unveils ‘Guitar Hero Live,’ Due Out This Year by: Ben Silverman


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Tom Hardy May Have Secretly Married Charlotte Riley
Don't freak out, you guys, but it's entirely possible that Tom Hardy got married. When? We don't know — sometime between the last time he referred to Charlotte Riley as his fiancee and whenever this Wall Street Journal profile was fact-checked. In a feature on the Dark Knight Rises star tied to his upcoming film Locke, one little line dropped a massive piece of information: "These days Mr. Hardy is more settled; his wife is Charlotte Riley, who played Catherine to his Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights.'


It's entirely possible that the omission was a factual error, but it wouldn't be entirely surprising — the pair have been engaged since 2010, but never set a date; apparently, Tom called her "a difficult woman to pin down." Since some breakup rumors started circulating in May 2013, many just assumed that he's been single this whole time… until now.


If a wedding really did happen, this is both Tom and Charlotte's first marriage — and Charlotte is now officially a stepmom to Tom's son with his ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed, Louis Thomas, born in 2008.


Just in case Charlotte is Tom's wife now, congratulations to the happy couple! Although we are a little disappointed to see the master of the shirtless selfie get tied down.
Source: Wall Street Journal


Michael Fassbender Dating Supermodel Naomi Campbell?
According to U.K.’s The Sun (Via Daily Mail), Michael is dating supermodel Naomi Campbell. The duo was reportedly spotted getting cozy earlier this week at Coya in the Mayfair district of London, England.



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Wreck It Ralph- Review
I immediately want a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. It is not that it ends with a big cliffhanger, has unresolved storylines or too much story for one film – it’s that the world created in the movie is so utterly fascinating that I desperately want to see what other kind of amazing, creative tales can be told within it.


Argo Review
Made with brisk confidence and technical precision, Argo is a spy thriller of a buttoned-up old school variety; we're not given a lot of emotional attachments to these characters, and the reward for a job well done is a pat on the back, not an explosion of grateful tears. But Argo is so sure-footed that it picks you up and carries you along with it anyway.


Here Comes The Boom Review
Kevin James’ greatest strength isn’t his willingness to fall down or his quick tongue, it’s his ability to be funny without ever seeming like a professional comedian. His natural sense of humor comes out like a series of jokes we might actually think up on a good day, which is why he’s particularly suited to playing a naturally funny everyman for us to laugh with.


Seven Psychopaths
I’ve been sitting at my desk for hours. Okay, maybe they haven’t been consecutive hours – I may have gotten up a few times to stare blindly into my empty refrigerator, and play with my cat. I procrastinate because I care and because writing reviews of movies you love is hard. And I really loved Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths.


Butter has strong moments and has more than a few good jokes, but as a whole it struggles to keep its footing. Perhaps it could have worked better as a miniseries or television show, as there are more than a few interesting characters in the mix that you want to see more of, but the movie has trouble committing and it suffers as a result.


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World news Africa Mokoomba, a band from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


Huffingtonpost - Justin Timberlake is known to be a trendsetter with impeccable taste, but his latest decision has many wondering what the "Suit & Tie" singer was thinking. The "Tunnel Vision" single art Timberlake shows the silhouette of a naked woman that has the singer's face transposed on it. It's a bit jarring, and more than a bit odd -- take a look below. Tunnel Vision the third single off Timerlake's comeback album


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William Powell and Myrna Loy, had an intuitive, flawless rhythm throughout their legendary screen teaming in 14 films together. The actors were so identified as a couple that they were often mistaken for married in real life. And the good natured teasing on screen between the pair also extended off camera. William Powell and Myrna Loy Elegance & Wit Personified


Or Visit the Fun Entertainment Humor page. fun entertainment humor Humor



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