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Investors win big with bet on Chinese lottery firm's shares
Investors win big with bet on Chinese lottery firm's shares South China Morning Post


Lotto wins kick start three families 2014
Lotto wins kick start three families 2014 The West Australian


Lottery windfall for church turned into 'sieve' by woodpeckers
Lottery windfall for church turned into 'sieve' by woodpeckers Essex Chronicle


AL woman at MS casino: $90K jackpot 2 days.
AL woman at MS casino: $90K jackpot 2 days running Miami Herald


Dallas resident Wins $1.1 million jackpot at Choctaw Casino Resort
Iron Lee won a $1,141,958.19 jackpot with a $3 bet playing Texas Tea in the north casino at Choctaw Casino Resort. Full story: Durant Daily Democrat


Caesars boss expects Internet poker revenues to surpass forecasts


Caesars Entertainment Corp. Chairman Gary Loveman has a message for his Strip colleagues who have recently embraced Internet poker and want Congress to legalize the activity: During the company;s third-quarter earnings conference call with analysts, Loveman said Caesars was first in support of Internet poker legalization.


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Some Casinos Have Better Rules

Casinos are separate businesses and except for the rules that are required by the gaming commission, they can offer games with slightly better player rules or shaved odds that could give them a better edge. Examples of this are one casino will offer only behind the line odds of 3 times the line bet while others will allow 10 times the line bet. Some will decline buying the four or ten and others have no problem if you are willing to bet $20 or more and pay the buy fee.

Some will have bonuses on the Pai Gow tables for certain hands and others do not even offer Pai Gow or just have one table. Some have really elegant Baccarat rooms while others the room looks like an after thought. You can tell by the way they offer the game if they want action on it or are just giving it little attention. Some casinos pride themselves in the friendliness of their dealers and others have dealers that act like you are winning their money when you get lucky.

These attitudes and game differences are worth thinking about when deciding where to play. The differences can affect your play and enjoyment of playing. Rules that are at the option of the house have to be understood to see if they are fair or a way to increase the house edge. Treatment of players is not a rule as such, but can make a real difference in your enjoyment of the play in the casino.

One place you see variations of the rules is in the sport books. Casinos have rules about what kind of parlays they will accept. They have rules about how many dog teams you need in your parlay versus overlay games. Make sure you understand the rules before making any sports bet in any live sports book.

Blackjack and baccarat are usually standard in the rules and will not spring a surprise. It is the new games that come along where you will find different rules in play from casino to casino. The differences usually are somehow related to the payoff odds. If you were a long time player you would still be advised to check for any variations from what you are used to.

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Caesars exec's work about to become complicated - but he likes it that way Life is about to get more complicated for Caesars Interactive Entertainment CEO Mitch Garber. He wouldn’t have it any other way. With the World Series of Poker By HOWARD STUTZ LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL



777 Dragon Online Casino



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Man steals from casino Man steals $33 million from Australian casino in 'Ocean's Eleven'-esque heist


While many felt "Ocean's Eleven," the movie starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney about a massive and intricately planned casino heist, was exciting and well thought out, not many believed a caper like the one depicted in the film could actually succeed. There were too many variables, too much pizazz, and casino security in the movie was made to look like a doltish snail. Sometimes, however, life does imitate art, ......
Man steals $33 million from Australian casino in 'Ocean's Eleven'-esque heist


Jackpot hits again for $101,765 at Red Hawk Casino
A lucky winner from Placerville, Californisplaced made the small side bet that resulted in a $101,765 on Fortune Pai Gow Poker progressive jackpot. This lucky Rewards Club member visits Red Hawk Casino often. H was enjoying his day playing Pai Gow Poker. He had been playing for less than an hour. Read more at Casino City Times Fortune Pai-gow-poker jackpot hits again for $101,765 at Red-hawk-casino.




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