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IP Address
Our IP unique ID Address IP Number
Here we show IP address Information, as to what is an IP address number is and what it is used for. And some more useful information about Internet Protocol Address. You will find about static IP Address and application layers.

Your IP Address Unique ID Address IP Number Is Here YOUR IP ADDRESS IS what is my ip address?

What Is IP Address

The IP Address is a unique number assigned to your computer connection. This unique number serves as the ID of your connection when it's accessing the Internet. Your IP address is used to route information from the Internet to your computer. It functions like your street address—if someone wants to send you mail or you order something, your address is needed for the postman or delivery person to find your home. The same process applies to your computer. Without an IP address, servers would not be able to deliver content to you, because they would not be able to locate your computer.

About Internet Protocol Address

An IP Address is a way to measure a user's unique identity. It is a number that is allocated to your browser by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or employer, when you log on to the internet. An IP address can be private, for use on a LAN, or public, for use on the Internet or other WAN.

About Website IP Address

Most websites use shared web hosting and therefore have the same IP address as other sites located on that server. An IP address specifies the locations of the sources and destination nodes of the routing system. This is why some of the bits in an IP address are used to comprise a subnetwork. An IP address may be private for use on a Local Area Network (LAN), or for the use on the Internet thus making it public. Some private networks create their own addresses. Besides, some technologies redesigned their system to be able to allow multiple hosts for a single address but its place depends on the request of the clients in the network. The Internet Protocol is responsible for addressing hosts and for routing datagrams (packets) from a source host to a destination host across one or more IP networks. For this purpose, the Internet Protocol defines the format of packets and provides an addressing system that has two functions: identifying hosts; and providing a logical location service.
About Static Ip Address
Only on a static IP address can e-commerce be secure. Use of an SSL encryption Certificate makes data encrypted to prevent someone from intercepting the information. When a website takes in order with a person’s credit card it needs to encrypt this data and it uses SSL with its static IP. You can only use this encryption (called SSL Certificate) when the web site has its own IP address (static IP). It doesn’t work on a shared IP. Also if a web site wishes to have anonymous ftp transfers (basically where anyone can download files off a site) the site needs to have a static IP address to handle the anonymous ftp transfer.


Internet protocol suite information Application layer




Transport layer




Internet layer

IP (IPv4 · IPv6)

ICMP · ICMPv6 · ECN · IGMP · IPsec ·



Link layer

ARP · NDP · OSPF · Tunnels (L2TP) · PPP · MAC (Ethernet · DSL · ISDN · FDDI)



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