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Keyword information to help webmasters to use the correct keywords at a2000greetings. Maintain your pages using our keyword ideas, articles and tools. We are helping webmasters find and list proper keywords on pages. This will help page rank.

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Using the top keywords in your meta tags and pages will help your page rank. Page rank would be the popularity in search engines. Key word terms help search engines find your pages. I use this great key word density tool a lot. Just type in your page url and it will display listing of key words on your page. Keyword help for webmasters is here. Get number or keywords and keywords phrases from your web page with this great keyword analyzer tool. There is also more keyword information on this page and on this site.


How to Build a Website Around Keywords By: Justin Hallman
Everyone wants more traffic to their website. More website traffic means a larger audience of potential customers, which will equate to an increase in sales. A simple way to get better listings in major search engines and drive more traffic to your website is to build your site around highly specific keywords and key phrases.

A very hot topic right now is poker. You decide to start up a site that offers free poker tips and poker articles, hoping that visitors to your site will signup for the poker affiliate program that you have just joined. The obvious keyword here is poker. Many webmasters will try and build their sites around the term "poker" and hope to get a decent search engine ranking, ignoring other keywords and key phrases. Unfortunately, on a popular search engine there are over 35 million webpages containing the search term "poker". Even a search engine expert will have difficulty ranking well for such a broad term.

The answer to this problem lies in building sites with pages containing highly specific key phrases, such as "Omaha High Low Strategies". (Omaha High Low is a type of poker.) There are less than 500,000 webpages containing the search term "Omaha High Low Strategies." That's still a large number of pages to compete against, but it's much more likely that you will eventually be able to rank on the first page of search engines.

Here is how to begin building your themed website around keyword phrases :
1. Start a keyword tree. Begin with the trunk, the most basic theme of your website. Branch out, come up with about 10 words that describe the original theme of your site. These main branches will have smaller branches and leaves, each containing keywords, keyword phrases, and other terms such as plurals and spelling variations.
2. Research your keywords.
A good way to measure your competition is by using free keyword tools.
3. Once you have done keyword research on all of your search terms, it is a good idea to select about 15-20 words (that you can compete with and will deliver the type of traffic you want) and begin to build individual webpages that include the targeted keyword in the title and description of that page. Include the chosen keyword as many times as possible in your page, while keeping relevant, interesting content.
4. Use links to relevant websites (such as your affiliate program) and include the selected keyword in your link descriptions.
5. You will begin to see a significant increase in the amount of visitors to your site within a couple of months. You should periodically check your websites stats and determine where your traffic is coming from and more importantly, why.
6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Follow these steps over and over, while concentrating on adding new keywords. You may eventually break into the top page on broad search terms, like "poker".

Article by: Justin Hallman


Keyword information

to help webmasters. This was and still is a hard one for me. I get better at it but there is so much to learn. I use the tools and they do help. But I must admit. It is a work in progress. Using the correct keywords is important to maintain a useful website. Keyword density is essential in your meta tags, and for search engines, and to help people find your web site. Get the relevant contents of page to match your keywords. It is a help analyze what is working. Are what is being picked up by search engines. If not try again. Keywords will not only help your page rank, it will help all aspects of your website. We have a number of keyword ideas articles and tools for helping webmasters. Find and list keywords on your pages.


Thank goodness for all help I have had over the years from other websites and webmasters. It is not easy it takes a lot of time and patience among other things. Some use internet search keywords lists and keywords software. to Identify the most effective keywords for advertising and search engine optimization. SEO. ~ By Susan~a2000greetings


Keyword Software

Keywords Machine Software
Keyword rank checker software designed to automatically check your search engine position ranking for any keyword in the major search engines and get an advanced report including related keywords. What?s more, this FREE keyword rank checker allows you to keep your SEO notes and see how your keyword position improves with your SEO effort. You can also generate keyword position report on the fly. This keyword rank checker is completely FREE and SAFE. You can use it as long as you wish.
Four different modes for checking keywords position, which gives you complete control over all your needs and expectation of this tool.
Website Mode
This mode allows you to search for multiple keywords in multiple search engines in parallel for a specific website (your website). Competitors Mode
Competitors Mode
This mode allows you to search for multiple websites (your website vs competitors websites) in multiple search engines in parallel for a specific keyword.
Hyper Mode
This mode allows you to search for multiple websites (your website vs competitors websites) with multiple keywords in parallel for a specific search engine.
Grab Mode
This mode allows you to grab all keywords relative to a specific keywords.

Keywords Machine comes with an easy to use interface, Keywords Machine is developed to meet all your your expectation at your fingerprint. Simple as we can but effective as you expect. Keywords Machine has a simple GUI interface that allows you to move between tasks seamlessly and responsively.
In our lab we strive to make you satisfied about what you receive from this tool. Keywords Machine does several tasks that other tools can not gather it in only one tool, We did.
Keywords Machine, in marketing, is what we call a cost-effective software. This means you receive the more for paying the less. Should not you GET IT NOW.
Here are some key features of Keywords Machine:
Several Search Modes, Parallel Search, Multi-Thread & Multi-Task, Import & Export Features, Unlimited Keywords, Up to 12 search Engines, Up to 10 competitors, Relative Keywords Grab, Website keywords Grab, Updated search Schema,


Generating keywords
Viral keywords and website analytic help.Web Analytics
Optimize your online business and learn more about your visitors. Analyze your traffic patterns,Maximize your ROI, Get e-mail notifications and build your own performance dashboards.


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This is the best free tool I have found to analyze keywords of your pages. Keyword terms, number of key terms, keywords per phrase. It checks to see if you are your keywords within your description effectively. Also if you are your keywords effectively within your title and body of your pages. This free keyword tool also helps by determining if you are using the keywords correctly in the tittle and description of your pages.
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Above helps alot, with web site keywords, title, discription, body size, download times and gives you ideas on problems and solutions!

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