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Win a great web site award at a2000greetings. Awards dedicated to great websites. Awards you apply for. Some websites become award winners, featuring winners on this page. Sites that are family oriented or PG rated will be eligible for this award.

Please link them back, you can right click and save award any of 3 awards on this page. Due to time I can not visit all website that apply but when I see you linked back I will add your site to this list. Thank you.

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In Company With Angels: The Audio-Visual Experience of Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows




The Children's Butterfly Website




Hobby`s Homepage- Reisen,Promotion,Awardvergabe. - Hobbys Homepage!


Jan's Designs


Jesus Home-Startseite


Awarded Peace Seeds


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If you just don't have the time and would like to add this to your site you are welcome to. This gif is optimized for quick loading. This award gift is special to us. The angel was one of the first paint gif pictures I ever made. It is our official guardian angel and we added this to the award. Sending good karma your way. Karma means, viewed as deciding fate in the future. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the sum of a persons actions in this and previous states of existence. Für gutes Schicksal in Zukunft Existenzen zu Ihnen.

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