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Organizing Your Dog or Cat Stuff

By: Jill Seader


Everyone loves their family pet. And we love to buy them stuff almost as much as we like to buy stuff for ourselves. But like all of the other “stuff” in our home, the things we buy for our pets need to have a place to live in our homes. Part of organizing your home is getting your pet’s toys in order.


Ideas For Organizng Pet Toys

Get a nice wicker basket with a lid to put all of your pet’s toys in. A nice basket that matches the décor of the room can help you completely hide your pet’s toys. I organized our dog’s toys in this way and it made the room look much nicer and cleaner.


If you want your pet to be able to easily get to the toys, a nice open round wicker basket can help the room look nice but still allow your pet to play with his/her favorite toy whenever the mood strikes.


Have your pet help you decorate a basket or bin for their toys. Having your pets own paw prints and furry drawings on a container can be a cute way to personalize the organizing container for your pet’s toys.


Ideas To Organize Pet Food and Treats

Plastic containers work great for getting your pet’s food organized. Some specialty container stores even have containers made specifically to hold dog and cat food. The ones with wheels work great because you can roll them anywhere. Any kind of clear plastic container works well for storing treats for your pet.

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Dedicated Cupboard/Cabinet Space If you have the space in your home, dedicate a cabinet or cupboard or a shelf in a cabinet or cupboard to your pets things. Putting all food and treats in the same place can help you easily find your pet’s favorite treat.


Your pet’s things are part of your home too so don’t forget them in your home organization plan.


Organizing Your Dog and Cat Stuff
By: Jill Seader
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