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Army Commander II Game play for free or you can pay. Pay packages in the game and use the offer wall to get free stuff. 1. Color characters & easy play. 2. Sound & animations. 3. Alliance leader decide the alliance policy. 4. Allies can send gifts to each other and get bonuses. 5. Game auto-reset after 10,000 turns passes & winner enter to the hall of fame. 6. New war options, war actions cool-downs and organized war room. 7. Achievements & Notifications. Middle East Empire 2027 improvements: 1. Sound & animations. 2. Very fast turn passing. 3. New war options.


Cricket Revolution is the world’s leading multiplayer cricket PC title. With innovative game-play, single and multi-player modes, and challenging AI opponents that learn from your every move, Cricket Revolution is a gaming experience unlike any other! Cricket Revolution
Snowy: Fish Frenzy $9.95.

Froggy's Adventures $9.95.

Smash Frenzy 2 9.95.

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Snowy: The Bear's Adventures #9.95.

Action Ball Deluxe #19.95.

Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion #9.95.

AquaBall #9.95.

Arctic Quest #9.95.


Baby Keyboard Game $ 19.95
Game 'Baby Keyboard Game ScreenSaver' Let your baby pound and strike the keyboard freely , This will develop self-confidence and make for your baby to see the computer as a friendly device. It provides a fun and exciting introduction to numbers, the alphabet and the PC for children as young as 6 months!


Buy game Belles Beauty Boutique
Down oad loadable free trial Bells Beauty Boutique


Buy game Mystery Case Files Huntsville
Download loadable free trial Games Mystery Case Files Huntsville

Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition



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MacSoft Free Age of Empires III 1.0.4 Download Age of Empires III 1.0.4 Age of Empires III gives players an amazing amount of control over their side of the battlefield. Single-player, Multiplayer, and Campaign. EditByBrothersoft: Experience the Age of Discovery through amazing 3D graphics. Crush your enemies with devastating cannons and rifled infantry. Navigate your naval fleet to claim strategic waterways. Build cities with towering cathedrals, and forge a thriving empire with a booming economy.


Command & Conquer Generals 1.0.4, Strategic military war game. Glitter Game


crossword puzzle



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Weave Words
Download Weave Words.Over three thousand phrases and three different gameplay modes
OS: Windows 95/98/2000/me/xp, Memory: 32 MB Ram, Size: 4.3mb With multi-packs even less! Save on every order of 2 or more games. Easy safe and clean downloads no exras like toolbars or search stuff.

Free sudoku by SudokuPuzz


Upload your photo and order puzzles online today. Photo puzzles make great gifts. Jigsaw Puzzles Made from Your Photos. Turn your favorite photo into a Jigsaw Puzzle for a unique and fun gift. Many sizes to choose from including large 1000+ piece puzzles.


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Check out the video above. Assassin's Creed Comet, the alleged Xbox 360/PS3 tie-in to this fall's Assassin's Creed Unity, will allegedly take place in North America, feature nautical exploration, and star a playable Templar.


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Gamers get their hands on the new Xbox and PS4 Video

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Steam Hits 9 Million Concurrent Users
Steam has reached the 9 million concurrent user landmark. To be specific , 9,068,777 people logged into play last March 15. And Steam Hits 9 Million Concurrent Users

Is The New Nvidia Shield A (Literal) Game Changer?
At first glance, you may not be impressed with the new NVIDIA Shield. It looks just like every other micro-console on the market. Perhaps a little ... Is The New Nvidia Shield A (Literal) Game Changer?

Civilization 3 Finishes Moving Multiplayer Servers
Civilization 3 has finalized its transition from Gamespy servers to Steamworks multiplayer. If you happen to have bought a disc copy of the game, and Civilization 3 Finishes Moving Multiplayer Servers

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance hits Xbox
If you're a series fan, you know exactly what you're in for with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 's slate of upcoming DLC. That's not really a bad ...Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance hits Xbox

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Kraze $ 13.15

KRAZE is a 3d game of its own kind. No parallels, no verticals come close in comparison. A visual delight, a story unfolds tantalizing racing enthusiasts to join the race of their lifetime. With the most powerful race cars you compete to conquer the Kraze championship followed by the challenging street races. The prospect of racing against the wildest of racers in the toughest of racing fields of the world is too tempting to resist. Spell binding visuals cut to the fusion of hip hop, trance and rock add to the adrenalin rush. Kraze Championship includes various racing clubs which include Mud Race, Rally and F1. Designed to test racing skills in all ranges (open and closed) irrespective of the track KRAZE is first of its kind that engages the gamer into navigating the slippery slide of the mud race into the cross country maze of hilly terrain, the shimmering mirage of the desert sands before it pits you against the pros of Formula1. Last but not the least; you take on the street smarts on their own turf. Do they stand a chance? It’s for you to know and for them to find out.
Salient Features
All genres of racing encompassed i.e., field, country side, stadium and city streets | 8 racing tracks | 13 turbo charged cars | Start your career by creating a profile to win the Kraze championship | Various Race Clubs and Challenges | Winning is as a stepping stone into the next level | Quick Race mode puts you in a level at random | Mix of various music genres. | Total Game play duration for the average player – an estimated 3 hours |
Trial Demo Kraze


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Arkanoid 4000 $19.99.

Arxon $9.99

Astro Fury $9.99. : Download Now!


The Goobs
Download Free Games The Goobs Upgrade as soon as you wish for $19.95. Want a CDRom back up copy $10
Get all the Goobs to safety in this colorful, fun puzzle game.

et Jumper

  • Venture Artic Free Trial Download
  • Download Free Games JetJumper If you decide to order $19.95

    Hide and Secret
  • Download Free Hide and Secret. If you order Only $19.95 w/60 Day Guarantee!
  • In Hide and Secret travel to 30 locations across the globe to rescue the Treasures of the Ages and defeat Jacques and his henchman Toadie! For PC/Windows - Full deluxe version with unlimited play and all levels.

    Digby's Donuts
  • Download Free Digby's Donuts if you upgrade only $19.95
  • Run a donut empire and become a mogul. Drop delicious donuts with unlimited play. Mmmm Donuts! For PC/Windows - Full deluxe version with unlimited play and all levels.
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    Your Gift Shop is open, just in time for the holidays! Try this great puzzle matching game and unwrap the best present for yourself! For PC/Windows


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    Lotto Sorcerer v4 for Linux $34.95
    Lotto Sorcerer v4 for Linux Free Demo Download

    Lotto Sorcerer v4 for Mac Classic $34.95

    Lotto Sorcerer v5 for Mac OS X $34.95
    Lotto Sorcerer v5 for Mac OS X Free Demo Download
    Lotto Sorcerer v4 for Mac Classic Free Demo Download

    Lotto Sorcerer v5 for Windows $34.95
    Lotto Sorcerer v5 for Windows Free Demo Download

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