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Faith and trust in one another is a serious concern to us and all our staff. Upholding ethical management practices in performance of duties by acting with integrity, honesty, impartiality, and in accordance with local and International law. It is essential for us to earn your confidence and trust; under the standards in which we operate.


We have therefore invested significantly to be able to do this. The legitimacy of our business, the ownership of this domain has been fully validated by Comodo. Only then were we issued a Positive SSL Certificate for this web site. a2000greetings verified and validated by Comodo, the second largest High Assurance Certification Authority in the world. Comodo, as a fully Web Trust compliant organization, have had their business practices and processes rigorously audited to AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines by an independent, approved auditor, KPMG.


We have added value, branding, and security in the web site, products, and services that we support. We maintain the confidence of our users and encourage, help and enjoy all.


We firmly believe in equal opportunity. And we are proud to say that our publications are exclusive in there content and business model. Positive SSL Certificate Secure Site


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Positive a2000greetings SSL Certificate Secure Site


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