Thank you all for the lovely awards gifts and friendships. I show your things off spreading them throughout this website with a links to your sites when possible. If your links change let me know and I will update them.



Award from Site Review guestbook members Award Ty
Thanks to the Site Review Committee and the Guestbook committee for these lovely gifts. I enjoy being on the gof and visiting all the web sites.


Site Review Award


ty for the puzzle award
Thank you

I won second place puzzle award


thank you
Thank You


-thanks for this award
Ty Games Committee


thanks for the great welcome


Thanks for friends welcome


Thank you Jus Kuntry


Eternal Flame for Alita, Click Here to see. Alita a speecial friend Alita missing you


Thanks to all at the garden of friendship. Your the best!
Thanks to Jean Adams and Eternal Flame




~Created by Spirit~
~For 2nd Annual Fundraiser~
~Garden of Friendship~