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When I was a little girl I used to go to Riverside Park on 1623 Main St. in Agawam, Mass. 01001 Riverside, the largest amusement park in New England, it is an exciting mix of action packed rides and crowd pleasing shows and attractions. In addition, Riverside features the professional competition of NASCAR auto racing.
Carousels are the most classic amusement rides in the world. It's not only popular with kids, but also the youth and adults. And every park has at least one carousel.


Thanks to Mike's Videos for reminding us of how much fun this is. I loved the 1909 Illions Grand Carousel at Six Flags in New England. Park Carousel
Riverside Park Illions Carousel


Carousels, The Art of the Carousel
The fanciful carousels has charmed people of all ages and of all lands, but it reached its most outstanding success and beauty through the talent and creativity of American craftsmen. In the late nineteenth century, during an energetic period of cultural self-discovery, American artists, architects and sculptors broke from European tradition to seek their own direction and freedom of expression. This artistic Renaissance resulted in carousel sculptures of such quality and originality that, today, they are an important and respected American art form. Take a whirl on a carousel. Observe, appreciate, and treasure the unique magic and artistic splendor of this wondrous ride.


A carousel is sometimes called a merry-go-round. Is an amusement ride. And has a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. The seats are traditionally in the form of rows of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts, many of which are moved up and down by gears to simulate galloping, to the accompaniment of looped circus music. The golden age of the carousel in America was the early 20th century, with large machines and elaborate animals, chariots, and decorations being built.
Horse divider bar Carousels In America


The story of the carousel, or merry-go-round, in America traces back to the mid-19th century when Gustav Dentzel, a German immigrant, opened the G.A. Dentzel Steam and Horsepower Carousel Company. During this time, carousels were considered the premier amusement ride.  While more than 7,000 carousels were once created, fewer than 300 are still in use that were built in American factories.  The Depression, fires, floods and neglect caused the deterioration of the magnificent machines.


The amusement park entered its golden era with the 1893 World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago. This World's Fair introduced the Ferris Wheel and the amusement midway to the world. The midway, with its wide array of rides and concessions, was a huge success and dictated amusement park design for the next sixty years. The following year, Capt. Paul Boynton borrowed the midway concept and opened the world's first modern amusement park - Paul Boynton's Water Chutes on Chicago's South side. The success of his Chicago park inspired him to open a similar facility at the fledgling Coney Island resort in New York in 1895.

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Seabreeze Carousel, by Emily A. Kolb March 31, 1994
It will
never rise from
the ashes, this Phoenix
on hooves, whose undisturbed past now becomes
our own.

She spun
a web of by-gone
fantasy for decades
of dreamers, mesmerized by her

Just as
her grandeur shone
for all to see, so her
funeral pyre burned bright and

There are
treasures that can
not be burned, written only
in the heart, safe from the world for
all time.
Seabreeze Carousel, by Emily A. Kolb March 31, 1994 Horse divider bar The golden age of the carosel


Carousels the golden age, lasted twenty five years. It originated in Europe, but America is where its highest achievement of craftsmanship developed. Carved and created by immigrant craftsmen at their highest level. California and New York have most of all existing carousels in America. The only two that exist in Tennessee that I know of are:


Carousels the golden age in 1909 Dentzel Grand Carousel at Libertyland Park, Memphis
Built in 1909 by William H. Dentzel of the famed Dentzel Carousel Company, the Grand Carousel is a beautifully restored, hand-carved wooden horses that move within an elaborately decorated frame.  The ride is listed with the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 1920 Dentzel Carousel at Dollywood Park, Pigeon Forge
  • Horse divider bar



    Carousel Globe Courtesy Of Spirit
    Thank YOU.


    Original carousels featured brass poles and fixtures, antique-style incandescent lighting and beveled-glass mirrors.  Band organ music completed the circle of nostalgia.  There are only two American manufacturers still producing this popular family attraction for circuses, carnivals, and fairs.  Allen Herschell, who sold his firm in 1950 to a maker of fiberglass horses, was the last wooden-horse carver in the U.S.  Now days authentic wooden carousel horses cost anywhere from $200 to $27,000, depending upon their age and condition.


    What began in the 12th century as Arab horsemen throwing scented clay balls from rider to rider in a test of skill is now one of America's favorite amusement rides.  The legend of the carousel has it that those untouched by the perfume of the clay were considered superior riders.  Returning Crusaders later introduced the sport, renamed "carrosello" or "little war," to Italy.


    On July 21, 1995, the Post Office issued four 32-cent stamps commemorating carousels. First Day of Issue ceremonies were held at the Carousel World Museum in Lahaska, Pennsylvania.
    Carousel Stamps


    TODAY'S CAROUSEL Owes its origin to the 17th-century French, who modified the ancient sport.  Using a wheel consisting of wooden arms and suspended horses, young French nobility practiced the game by attempting to lance golden rings.  With the foresight of a toy-maker, carousels soon became popular with Parisian children and eventually spread to America.  Later, the carved riders gained tremendous popularity and entertained early beach and resort visitors.  As steam, and then electricity, were harnessed for energy, carousels began to appear at the end of railway lines.  As they flourished, the simple wooden machines developed into elaborate machines that are still being studied and admired today.
    Horse divider bar Carousel Art Carving

    Created between 1867 and 1930, has long been neglected as an Art Form.  Only recently has it come to the attention of students of both Art and History.  The best carousels were American, not European.  However, the craftsmen were nearly all recent immigrants whose work reflected what coming the American meant to them.  European Carousel horses were stiff and stereotyped.  American horses were carved in amazing variety with dramatic and free-flowing styles that embodied the essence of the American Spirit.

    Art of the Carousel

    Two Stein & Goldstein Steeds
    Stein Horse Above, the rose-adorned lead horse, by Stein & Goldstein, on Pueblo, Colorado's Parker Carousel. Goldstein Jumper An outside-row Stein & Goldstein jumper from Pueblo's Parker Carousel.

    Photos by C. Hennig, 1994

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    Horse divider bar


    The old-fashioned carousel near one of the city's most beautiful squares of cobbled streets and great architectures. With a fountain, shops and restaurants and more. The old merry-go round Carrousel Gustave Eiffel in Dijon, France is such a beautiful vintage colorful carousel. A wood carousel with painted horses.
    Carousel Pictures Dijon-Burgundy Gustave-Eiffel Merry-Go-Round
    Vintage Carousel Vintage Carousel in Dijon, France jigsaw puzzle in Puzzle


    A-Peeling Merry-Go-Round, by John Sykes, British Columbia


    What measure of miles have I travelled
    On my caring circuitous course?
    And what is the tally of ups and downs
    Of each old faithful horse?
    Breathlessly happy, Abandoned miles
    Free reigned and galloping wild
    Eagerly making exotic bounds
    Enchanting the heart of a child

    Through the long winters sleep when they store me away
    I dream of the summers to be
    To twirl again, And swirl again
    With my animals romping free
    In sculptured splendour, My organs maze
    And all that my makers have styled
    Will whirl again in rainbowed daze
    Winning the love of a child

    But my paint is now worn, And my canvas is torn
    my flooring is showing its age
    My gearing runs rough, And my winds not enough
    For my organ to read its punched page
    My horses are shabby, Their hides cracked and dull
    And my motor refuses to start
    So now in my life there's a saddening lull
    Which won't end lest you ask with your heart

    Am I worth saving, What dollar amount
    Can be placed on a "Spinner of Dreams"?
    In seeking your help, I hope you'll discount
    All the bias that's bustin' my seams
    It's the magic I blame (It's not tricks as some claim)
    I'm employing to lure them aboard
    And a beautiful magic by some other name
    Still is magic, And can't be ignored

    It's undoubtedly true, As the Red, White, and Blue
    That some carousels born of the past
    Plum wore down by love, Must seek help from you
    In coaxing their glory to last
    But you'll have no regrets for you ever can trace
    Your goodness of deeds, Which imparts
    Such bright wreathing smiles on each little face
    To mirror the joy in their hearts

    My motors are whirring, My lights are ablaze
    All my trappings are coloured anew
    For the funds that were sought you did lovingly raise
    May the Carousel Goddess Bless You
    Few places on earth, Nor in heaven perchance
    Could there ever come to be found
    Such awe as displayed by the child in a trance
    When it climbs on the Merry-Go-Round
    A-Peeling Merry-Go-Round,by John Sykes, British Columbia


    Carousels and a Merry-Go-Rounds What is a carousel and a merry-go-round. Or I should say what is the difference between a carousel and a merry-go-round? Carousels only have horses, so it should not be confused with a merry-go-round or menagerie carousel, which can be many different animals.  The carousel originated in France several hundred years ago as a device to help young noblemen practice their lancing skills.  As the wooden horse

    Horse divider bar

    The merry-go-round dates back to the early 18th century. The first merry-go-round was made in Europe, perhaps in France, in the late 1700's or early 1800's.  It was called a carrousel, after an elaborate tournament-type entertainment first given at the court of France in the reign of Henry IV.  Troops of costumed horsemen engaged in contests, drills, and pageants.  The Place du Carrousel, between the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden in Paris, was named for a magnificent carrousel given there by Louis XIV in 1662.


    Since only the nobility could enjoy these spectacles, a Parisian toy maker set hobbyhorses on a platform to create a make-believe carrousel.  It was crudely made and the platform turned slowly with only manpower or horsepower to move it;  but it delighted people from the beginning.  Modern merry-go-rounds are whirled by motors;  but many of them still carry prancing wooden ponies wearing the fancy harness of tournament mounts.


    The first Ferris wheel was 250 feet in diameter and stood 264 feet high, had 36 pendulum cars which carried 60 passengers each (total of 2,160 riders), weighted 1,200 tons and was powered by two 1,000 horsepower engines.  It was built for the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Ill., in 1893.

    The Ferris wheel was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris.  Ferris contracted the construction of the Ferris wheel to a dozen steel companies, since it was so large that no single steel company could produce it.  It was produced at a cost of $350,000 (in 1893) and was so popular that the cost was recovered within a few weeks, at the exposition.
    Horse divider bar
    horse bar


    Build Your Own Full Sized Carousel Horse


    It is easy and inexpensively to build your own carousel horse. Use a child's rocking horse to create your very own carousel horse, beautifully, inexpensively and very easy using our instructions.


    carousel horse


    wood carousel horse

    Actual Carousel Horse Size 22" Length and 19" in Height and 11" Wide

    carousel horse 3


    Use a flat file and file all seams created by the rocking horse manufacturer. Smooth with sandpaper to remove scratches introduced during this filing process.


    Carousels, Carousels In America, The golden age of the carousel, History Of The Old Carousel, Today's carousel, Carousel art carving, carousel horses, carousel horse, collectible carousel horse, make a carousel horse,


    horse bar


    Carousel Tratdition

    Built in 1909 by William H. Dentzel of the famed Dentzel Carousel Company, the Grand Carousel is a beautifully restored, hand-carved wooden horses that move within an elaborately decorated frame. The ride is listed with the National Register of Historic Places. Dentzel Carousel


    Gypsy Queen Carousel Horse


    Liberty land's Gypsy Queen is the National Carousel Association Horse No. 3 available for sale in miniature worldwide. The Memphis Landmarks Commission and Tennessee Historic Commission honored the Carousel with two awards--one for engineering achievement and the latter for Distinguished Service.


    horse bar



    carousel horse bar


    carousel horse bar



    "Carousel animals are a lovely part of our heritage, showing as much vision as many of our most respected sculptures." - David L. Shirey, Art Critic - THE NEW YORK TIMES


    horse bar


    Take this Carousel icon. Right click and save. horse icon



    carousel horse

    Carousels Merry-Go-Round

    Come with me for a little while,
    Forget your worries and put on a smile! :-)
    Hop on a horse...take your pick,
    Around and around, without getting sick!
    The Merry-Go-Round is from our past,
    But the memories will forever last and last!
    thank you


    carousel horse bar


    Make the Merry Go Round Jigsaw Puzzle Opens in New Window. Enjoy! Merry Go Round Jigsaw Puzzle at The Jigsaw Puzzles. CAROUSEL MUSIC

    The merry go round,
    slow down,
    Wide mouths
    turn this way and that.
    The Ferris wheel
    high in the sky,
    Oh, Templeton is fat.

    Lovely ladies catwalk the stage
    Horses canter on for cheers
    Greasy pigs race from a cage
    Through long legs,
    a waif appears.

    Megaphones call
    With musical drums,
    Come buy our wares,
    Come, for the fun,
    Enticed to clamber for the prize,
    The surging throng is on the run.
    carousel horse
    A blowing in the wind,
    A buzzing in the air,
    A pulsating passion
    A searching at the fair.

    Is there something to be found,
    Or one place to go,
    A quest beyond today
    So that we can know.

    This carnival we play in.
    Pulled along within.
    Time spinning
    way too fast
    Can we ever stop the thing.
    carousel horse
    Oh this restlessness around us,
    Rushing to and fro,
    Can't someone
    slow it down
    Stem the raging flow.
    Oh, how glad I am
    That my Father caught me
    In the merry round below.

    All my searching's over,
    For He gifted me the key. .
    Honey from the rock,
    Renews the inner me.

    The carousel still turns,
    I ride it now for free
    He lifts me up so high,
    Oh the wonders that I see,
    How I love it
    turning slower,
    tinkling bells
    delightful notes,
    play the sweetest tune,
    Of the song
    that's never over.

    By: ~ Soft Whispers ~ By: ~ Soft Whispers ~
    Carousel BY REBECCA KAI DOTLICH On thin golden poles gliding up, sliding down, a kingdom of horses goes spinning around.


    Jumper, Brown Beauty, Dark Thunder, Sir Snow, a medley of ponies parade in a row.


    Settled in saddles, their riders hold on to reins of soft leather while circling along


    on chestnut or charcoal, on sleek Arctic white, on silver they gallop in place day and night.


    Such spinning is magic, (to dream as you sail) with lavender saddle and ebony tail,


    whirling to music in moonlight, spellbound, galloping, galloping, merrily go round.
    By: Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Source: In the Spin of Things: Poetry of Motion. Reprinted by permission of Highlights for Children/Boyds Mills Press. Look for her Welcome
    carousel horse bar


    About Carousel & Amusement Park Links


    Canobie Lake Park is one of my favorites. A friends moms work would giver her all day passes. And she would drop us off in the morning and pick us up at diner time. In 1902 The Hudson, Pelham & Salem Railways (HP&S) opened Canobie Lake Park as a pleasure resort. View the Canobie Lake Park History Canobie Lake Park has maintained the highest standards of family entertainment for over 100 years! They have an antique carousel
    This genuine antique carousel dates back to 1903, with 46 various animals. An authentic 1922 Wurlitzer Duplex Orchestral Organ provides the music. The Carousel has both standers (animals that are stationary) and jumpers (animals that gently rise and fall) as well as benches, so there is seating for everyone.


    carosel Card Thank you, GranGran


    Carousels & Merry-Go-Rounds
    Made with help from: C Murchison of Morning Glow, Wikipedia, E. Fay Dyer-Austin, Spirit, Thanks to: Mike's Videos, & Piano Lady


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