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You just awake... your eyes are still shut
Still cant quite focus...still draggin your butt
You know you need coffee...can taste that first sip
You wait for the maker..and put the mug to your lip

The feeling is warm.... just what you need
But you know you need more..and it's something to read
The paper you say??? no...don't think so.. not it.
It's much more exciting... you can't wait to "click".

You boot up your puter..you click that icon...
Can't keep from grinning..you're really turned on!
When the voice says "Welcome"...your heart skips a beat!!
You know you're addicted..all the friends that you'll meet.

And then you see it.......you wait with a stare....
The mail box lights up!! "you've got mail" waiting there!!
OH.. what a feeling!!.... you look with delight!
You hoped you'd have mail.... and you knew you were right!!

So you go thru the mail..... knowing this is the "Best"..
Reading this reading that....as you go thru the rest.
Some you give the "delete" key....others get your first click
You know you must hurry......you gotta be quick!

It is then that you hear it.... You can't wait to see
Your heart gets a flutter... who's name will it be?
And then there it is..... covering part of the screen
The sweet little sound....Oh..you know what that means!!!

"Quick mail check" you promised....you said in your mind.
But you just got an IM.... and you're pressing for time!
You know that you want to.... and respond you will
So you stop what you're doing.. and go for the thrill!

You "LOL" and "BRB", give kisses and Hugs...
You type and send words... refilling your mug
You give your good friend your attention and time
So that quick little mail check... turns to hours online


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Contact Management Software for Home and Business. Easily organizes all your contact data. Create Groups to organize your contacts your way. Set reminders for Birthdays, Anniversaries or any event. Print phone lists, mailing labels, email lists and much more! Network compatible so you can share the database. Automatic Birthday & Anniversary Reminders. Perfect for the average home user to keep track of family and friends or powerful enough for businesses to maintain a large customer and client database. Contact Wolf Pro Contact Management Software Contact Wolf Pro Contact Management Software Secure downloadable trial. (https:)


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We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. By ~ Mother Teresa

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