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Hi, I am Susan ~ a2000greetings, Web Mistress, Designer and Project Manager of a2000greetings.com and other websites. Made with lots of love, hard work determination, blood and sweat. LOL. This website is originally created and may not be copied or reproduced. I am most of the time on a cloud and naturally high so I fit right in as an individual entrepreneur that wishes to advance my learning of all aspects of website building, design and development. My skills are versatile and I have a passion for design and development of web sites. There is always more to learn.


I believe in entrepreneurial freedom for all!


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There are many aspects of and to a2000greetings.com! It is designed to promote a shared enjoyment of the internet. This multi-functional website has lots to offer and is committed to you, we believe that you are most important. As we are enjoying our internet life with lots of spirit and a good since of humor. While working towards building a responsive website that is designed to adapt to different cultures and interests. a2000greetings is a recognized name on the Internet worldwide. Among the Internet's most multi functional eclectic web site portals. That is also traditional, unique, creative and family friendly. As a personalized portal, we reach highly targeted audiences and convert more. This fact along with the international nature of the site keeps us busy.
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As we continue work to provide exclusive marketing, advertising, public relations and promotional services. To various business and clients throughout the world. We have invested significantly in a2000greetings. And continue to do so. A2000greetings is a Positive SSL Certificate Secure Site. Our SSL Certificate can be verified as a Positive SSL Certificate Secure Site here. This web site is verified and validated by Comodo.com, the second largest Assurance Certification Authority in the world.


We are aimed to deliver quality services for our customers at the time, whenever they require it. Working to improve the volume and quality of traffic from the set of targeted customers belonging to the niche business area of the domain. This is done by employing white hat seo techniques. We employ our skills to improve our websites and yours. Whether it is designing the website, content creation, web development, implementing custom made API to the web interface, engaging customers to create valuable content or popularizing the websites. We continue to help others and learn more, and have been doing all these things for years.



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I took the Flower test. They say I am Snapdragon
"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."

I am a

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I have lots of Spirit and a good since of humor. Being organized is not my best attribute. I am work hard at being organized. Lets just say it has been a new years resolution for a while. I like to help seniors and the homeless. And any website owner that asks. I have joined some lovely groups of sharing web owners throughout the world. You can see some on there and my spirit while your browse throughout this website.

Here is some information you may or may not know about. a2000greetings way back in the 90s. Our site developed Dancing blob slowly and was first built on a site that offered free hosting. There name slash than ours was our address as you can see in the way back machine. As we hand wrote to a large number of search engines to get a2000greetings listed, we were picked up even before the site that hosted us was. And I believe it helped them to sell there site for a profit once they were listed. Internet Archive picked us up in 2000. Special Thanks to a2000greetings Wayback Machine - Internet Archive A2000greetings was built just at the great computer crash scare of the Y2K bug, also called Year 2000 bug or Millennium Bug. As the year 2000 would be approaching. Thus the name was born. Destiny for 2000greetings was inevitable and just as we were about to get the dot com, another bought 2000greetings.com. Without the a in front. The Greetings card site added our affiliate picture just as we had to the top left hand side of there website. Made a vote for people to vote for the website and began to spam. We assure you it was not us!

a2000greetings Personal

We are all about family and friends, internet and computing. I wrote a poem in 1999 while building this web site. I should explain the passion for web site building that has continued throughout the years. At the time I wrote this poem a lot of people were getting there first addition 1998 Windows computers. I hope you like this poem. It is called Eye of the Times. And I am proud that this poem was published and read at the California Poetry Convention in the 90s.


Eye Of The Times

I love the Internet and the Internet loves me
Who would of thought an empty page
Its building fast
Color and style all the while
The need for more
A passion growing inside beyond imagination
Who would have thought all the while
That it is I doing this
Creation building and design
It is working and flowing through the heart
I hope you like it my eye of the times
I love the Internet and the Internet loves me
My memories and cherished moments
This page reminds me of
Keeping special thoughts of loved ones
And memories so clear
Meeting new friends and sharing thoughts
Who would have thought that
I would love the Internet and the Internet would love me.

Susan J FloryCopyright 1999
We were told that Robin Williams recomended our poem to read a huge California poetry convention consortium. Wow! :0)

About a2000greetings
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Thank you Tiny. This is an honor!
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Believe 2 Achieve Award
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"Your site a2000greetings was reviewed against the criteria and you have won the webmaster gold award! Job well done!" Tiny!


a2000greetings Devotion and Harmony
Our Inner Goddess Color
Jen says a2000greetings is a blue goddess. Giver of love devotion and harmony.
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© Our Inner Goddess Color Thank you, Jen


About Thanks Thanks to all the great people on the internet I was able to search out answers and ask questions and continue to learn as I go. And special thanks to my hosting company support. They are very patient! I thank all that for visiting our web sites, and all of our loyal customers, thanks for helping us earn enough to pay for this website. And for all your understanding, patience and help. Your the best! We do appreciate the thoughtful things you do!


We have had lots of cool gifts giving to us over the years. As you can see we love to show them off. We url back as long as we can see the sites are working. Special thanks again to all for sending your lovely gifts, articles and information our way. We are happy to add a touch of your art here. You will see little thank you notes scattered around this site with the stuff.


Giving and Recieving
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The Raok Group


Thanks to the profesionals, websites, and coders. Your always there when we need your! I have searched for things, asked for help, ask to use scripts. One guy even said no one has written in years to use that wild page changing color script. Your welcome to use this. :0)


If you would like more information about us a2000greetings You can check out our Statistics page. And Our buyad pages.






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For more than 10 years, we have been providing thousands of satisfied users with our easy-to-use websites. To know a little more about a2000greetings, check out Here And Our sites, More stats and information on all pages below our site map. Our site map is below. Enjoy! "Our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest. The maple and the pine may whisper to each other with their leaves. But the trees also commingle their roots in the darkness underground, and the islands also hang together through the ocean's bottom." By: William James



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