Five Minute Organizing


You don't have to spend hours organizing to make a difference. Try these easy five minute tips. Set a timer and see how many you can complete.


1. Clean out the fridge. Grab all the old leftovers, dump them in the trash or disposal, rinse the containers and put them in the dishwasher.


2.Hang up and put away clean clothes. Pick up all the clothes, jackets and shoes lying around the house.  Place the dirty ones in a hamper. Put shoes where they belong. Hang up jackets and clothing.


3. Fold a basket of laundry and put it away.


4. Label a container donations. Place 2-5 items in it.


5. Go through old magazines and newspapers and add them to the recycling bin.


6. Clean out a junk drawer. Dump the contents, sort them quickly, clean out the drawer and reorganize the items into small containers of like items.


7. Clean out your purse or briefcase. Place receipts in a receipts or tax folder. Use snack size plastic bags to organize contents into like items to make it easier to clean out in the future.


Life doesn't have to be complicated. Simplify.


Thanks To: Barbara Myers
Five Minute Organizing Copyright 2008. Barbara Myers The Time Manager Free tips booklet at


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